People are fascinated by twins. Being an identical  twin myself for 19 years I have experienced several stares and stupid questions over the years. We used to be totally identical both with bright blonde hair. Always known as “the Nichol twins” at school and always getting asked “Which one are you?” it really annoyed us!


Although we do look the same, people need to realise that we both have individual personalties! To prevent us from continually receiving this ‘circus treatment’ my twin decided to dye her hair brown. Now people sometimes don’t even realise we are twins! We are now able to be individuals and walk down the street without getting stares.

Although I understand being a twin makes us stand out causing people to be intrigued, but some of the questions we get asked are actually laughable.

1. “Are you twins?!” 

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No shit Sherlock!! This has to be one of the most obvious questions we get asked! Its annoying when people actually notice that we are twins.

2.”Can you read each others minds?”

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I’m sure sometimes people think we are some sort of mythical creatures?! Course not! It would be so handy if we could.Imagine, we could help each other during exams, bitch about people without them knowing and plot many master plans!  I would love to know what weird thoughts go through my twin’s head.

3.”Is there a good twin and an evil twin?”


It might just be my twin and I but there actually is. A few twins that I know also seem to be like this! Don’t take my word for it but there always seems to be a good and bad one. Who knows maybe as one egg splits into two in the womb the good behaviour genes goes to one half and the bad behaviour goes to the other half?!

4.”If I hit you would she feel it?”


When I hit your friend can you feel it? That’s how stupid the question sounds! We are not one person just to put it out there!! Unless you are thinking of a way to get a sneaky hit aimed at one of us, do not ask this you sound stupid.

5.”What’s it like being a twin?”


This is like getting asked “What’s it like to breathe?” We don’t know any other! This has to be one of the most annoying question to be asked! It’s like me asking someone “What’s it like not being a twin?!”. It’s impossible to answer!!

6.”How can you tell the difference between each other?”


We aren’t some puzzle that you have to work out like “spot the difference”. This question seems like the most controversial question to us. Although we know we are twins when we look at each other we do not see how we are identical. It’s mad I know, but we could stand in front of a mirror and struggle to point out our similarities.

7.”Who’s the oldest?”


People are so obsessed asking this! Like how does this matter?! My twin is 1 minute older than me.. It does not make any difference between us. Its like asking everyone in your class who’s the oldest?

8.”Do you do everything together?”


Yes. We are Siamese…Obviously not. We aren’t attached at the hip, we have our own lives. We look like the same person but we are two people.

9.”Do you share the same room?” 

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Yes when we were younger but now… What do you think?! 19 years old and we still share a room.. That would be a bit odd! We need our own space and privacy at times!

10. Do you’s get on really well?

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LOL. Being a identical twin girl is the most difficult thing ever. We fight over anything make-up, hair stuff, clothes and even food and drink! It has got so bad that we have resulted in getting locks on our bedroom doors! However we do get on quite well other than the silly arguments but so do every other siblings!

Article written by Rachael Nichol.