Being the most anticipated advert of the year, John Lewis’s Christmas 2015 advert is finally here. It’s almost now a part of Christmas, kick starting the festive season.

Get your tissues at the ready! Titled the ‘Man On The Moon’, this year’s advert isn’t just a magical tale to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it carries a powerful message.

The ad features a cover of Oasis’s ‘Half the World Away’ by the Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes which tells the story perfectly.

The video features a young girl, who spies an elderly man through her telescope, living alone on the moon.She wants to wish him a merry Christmas and finally succeeds after several attempts by sending him a telescope, as a present tied to a bunch of balloons.

John Lewis/PA
John Lewis/PA

The ad ends with the strap line ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’. It’s a simple yet important message from the retail giants who have partnered with Age UK for their Christmas campaign.

John Lewis/PA
John Lewis/PA

Their aim to raise awareness of the saddening statistic that one million older people can go up to one month without speaking to a single friend, neighbour, loved one or even stranger.

Adverts with elderly people and younger children are always heart aching anyway but this is just magical. It captures the Christmas spirit of giving sharing and thinking of others perfectly!

John Lewis have cracked it again. Warming everyone’s hearts and making them shed a tear on their sofas while projecting a very important message to all.

Article Written by Rachael Nichol