Winter is fast approaching, bringing along cold weather, dark nights and the flurry of festivities. Luckily for me, winter is my favourite season. Even though I know not everyone feels this way, I’ve put together a survival kit for enjoying the winter months. 

1. A Poncho  

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Ponchos seem to have been a street style staple for 2015, following the western winter trend. What better season than winter to get involved in this trend.The poncho is back. As it was a top trend throughout the early 00’s everyone had a poncho in their wardrobe! Its cosy feeling keeps you snug in the harsh weather, and it’s a great way to layer an outfit.

2.Yoga with Adriene videos

The motivation to do exercise is always a struggle.The dreary winter weather does not make it easy in any way to get out of bed never mind going for a jog! So why not do exercise without even leaving your house? The world of YouTube offers an array of free fitness videos, and I love the ‘Yoga with Adriene’ channel as she has videos for every mood – she even has one for coach potatoes when you’re feeling a bit lazy…

3.Burt Bee’s Wild Cherry Lip Balm


Cracked lips are inevitable in winter, but Burt Bee’s Wild Cherry lip balm is my saviour. Whereas lots of lip balms have to be frequently applied, I only have to use this once or twice a day to ward off any chapped lips- a definite winter essential.

4.Deliciously Ella’s Black and Kidney Bean ChillI


This time of year means looking for foods that are winter warmers. Ever since I discovered Deliciously Ella’s recipe book, a firm favourite of mine has become her black and kidney bean chilli recipe. It only takes 14 minutes so you don’t have the torture of waiting for your food after coming in from the cold. It’s vegan and can be made in big batches if you having friends or family over (which is a joy of the Christmas season!). It’s also great comfort food, which you definitely need to survive winter, yet it’s still healthy- who knew?!


5.Christmas DVDs


Winter means one thing: Christmas. So it’s time to finally dust off those Christmas DVDs and curl up by the fire (with a hot chocolate if you’re really treating yourself). I think my top three Christmas films have to be ‘Arthur Christmas’, ‘Nativity’ and, of course, ‘Love Actually’. What better way to get through the Christmas months than by watching ‘Love Actually’ on repeat?

6.Soothing Sounds of Jay Loftus

Sometimes the holiday tunes get a bit too much during winter. The time will come where you long for the day where you can escape hearing ‘All I Want for Christmas’ everywhere you go. But music is still a great way to remain calm as you do your last minute Christmas shopping and preparations. I think ‘Velvet Arms’ by Jay Loftus has to be the most calming song I know. It always manages to put a smile on my face, even when I’m suffering from the winter blues.

Hopefully this survival kit means you’ll enjoy winter a bit more this year. Instead of counting down the days till winter ends, you’ll want it to be winter all year round.

Article Written by Jennifer Richards