This problem is most commonly faced by friends moving away for University. I never expected to experience a long distance friendship in my 20’s. However, when my best friend of 15 years dropped the bombshell that she would be moving to Ireland in just 3 weeks! I soon had to adjust to life as a long distance best friend (LDBF) and the problems that come with it. Here is a list of just some of the problems I’ve faced in the 6 months we’ve been apart.

1.No Shopping Partner

Shopping just isn’t the same without your best friend by your side to offer their opinion on that all important coat you’ll be wearing this season. Sure there’s Snapchat; but standing in a fitting room up to your neck in faux fur for 20 minutes, waiting for a reply is no competition for a day on the high street with your best friend.

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2.Some News and Gossip Can’t Be Shared Over Text.

Sometimes in life you get what we like to call “had to be there” moments. Moments when a text or phone call simply won’t convey the same emotion as it would if your best friend was there. Try telling your LDBF about that time you walked past that really fit busker in town and were so busy eyeing him up that you didn’t notice the uneven pavement and fell flat on your face. Although it might still make them giggle, this is the sort of gold your best friend would never let you live down if they had been there.


Days off can be boring when you know your best friend won’t be bursting through the door any minute to spend another night catching up with a takeaway, while everyone else your age is checking out that new club that opened in town. As sad as it sounds we get lonely sometimes.

4.Life Is A Constant Countdown To When You’ll Be Reunited.

If you’re not sending pictures of your latest buys, you’re planning when you’ll next see each other. This precious time has been planned to the last second and if anyone tries to ruin this, shit is going to go down. You have it marked on your calendar and you countdown till the day you eventually reunite arrives. Its almost like Christmas!!

5.You Can’t See Each Other When You’re Feeling Down.

This has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. The temptation to jump on the next plane and turn up on her doorstep with a bottle of wine, chocolates and a massive hug is huge. If we were in a film this would definitely happen, but here in the real world we have jobs and financial commitments.

6.You Get Jealous At The Thought They Might Make A New Best Friend.

Yes, I know it sounds awful but part of you can’t help but ask “what if?” sometimes. Who knows, maybe you might get replaced?!

7. Everything Happens When You’re Apart.

Whether it be that film you’ve been waiting for, the artist you’d love to see live or that new shop in town; you can guarantee it all happens when your LDBF is out of town.

Article Written By Nicole Goodwin