Oliver Rousteing, creative director of Balmain dropped his new collab collection with H&M this week and what a collection it is! The collection after only being released for a week has sold out in several H&M stores across the country.


A classic mixture of androgynous evening wear and Balmains classic embellished beauty’s, the H&M collection was bound to crash site.The collection caused near riots in stores and it was something many got up early to buy!

High street/designer collaborations have always been an event for the high street shoppers, Kate Moss x Topshop, for example, sold out in minutes and brought Moss back into her former glory.

H&M have had an awful lot of success with designer collaborations. Brands such as, Alexander Wang just last year, Isabel Marant, Versace, all the way back to 2004 with Karl Largerfeld. This Balmain collection was no different! When trying to go online for the release, you were greeted on the H&M website with an error message and being told to press the try again button. The error message didn’t disappear for hours and left many online shoppers irate, especially because in no time most of the collection was on eBay, with some pieces being priced at over £1000!

Buzz for this collection started very early on which isn’t really a surprise for a designer brand in a high street store. It was announced in a very trendy-fashion way, on the Red Carpet at the Billboard Awards, with Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner on each arm! The campaign video was also a huge hit! It was released a little before the main event, and then the ball really started rolling! Kendall Jenner stars in it and wearing, what people hoped, was part of the collection, the hype had really begun!

I’m a big Balmain fan and I was really hoping that it would deliver in terms of bring the couture Parisian fashion house vibe, that it’s so famous for, to a high street shop like H&M. I was eagerly awaiting to see if I was going to be bitterly disappointed or pleasantly surprised!

As soon as the collection was released online, I was on there! After spending a lot of time looking and mentally dressing myself I had picked out my favourites:

The Balmain Logo tee

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Everything very reasonably priced when you think of it being Balmain.In the fashion house you’d be paying over £3,000 for a fully embellished dress but at H&M a beaded dress would’ve set you back a meagre £400. Not all the bad when you think about it! Collections like this make designer clothing available to consumers who other wise would not be able to afford them.

Out of all the collaborations H&M have done this one created the biggest buzz, sold the most and caused the most riots, in my opinion rightly so!

Oliver Rousteing continues to astound and impress with his flawless designs and unbelievable creativity, I look forward to what else he has coming up!

Article Written by Anne Bullen