Let’s all be honest with ourselves here, work sucks. Today I travelled to work, only to be trapped in a building for 9 hours with people that I don’t really like. This is not my idea of fun. However if there is anything that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face it’s plugging in your headphones and strutting out of the place while listening to the new ‘Sundara Karma EP‘.

This part is very important, so pay close attention. It is imperative that you take your first step out of the door as the chorus to ‘Vivienne’ kicks in. If you do this incorrectly then you will not get the full rush of freedom. The first verse is tailor made to walk down a corridor to at increasing speed. This may take a bit of planning so remember to spend five minutes during the day rehearsing this; it will be worth it.

‘Run away’, the second track on the album, carries on the theme of uplifting tunes. The ideal second track on this ‘leaving work’ adventure. This one seems specially designed for the second stage of the great getaway (pretending you are in a low budget music video). This effect can be done while walking or driving away from the building with a little bit of imagination and fully committing to miming the words and pretending that there is a camera pointed straight at your face.

‘Diamond Cutter’ is a slightly more chilled out track (or not quite as cheerful). Luckily for me singer Oscar Lulu sounds exactly like I do in my head. This will definitely be my sing along choice. Make sure you hear the real version of this song before it is co-opted by everyone with an acoustic guitar, a maudlin attitude and access to an open mic. This song will be slowed down and growled into an unsuspecting microphone against it’s will.

‘Prisons to Purify’ builds slowly, simmering through your earphones. It manages this in a much more subtle manner than I expected, which left me on edge waiting for the song to take off in true heavy metal style. Fortunately for all concerned the band have more sense.What we have here is a very subtle brooding track that will have you nodding along in time as you get swept away on the ambient electronica below the vocals.

In review this is an ep that will have you reassessing your favourite tracks as it goes along. On my first listen I was impressed to find each track bringing something different and improving as the EP went on. By the end I found myself disappointed that this was not a full-length album. With repeated listens this EP keeps getting better. Hopefully it wont be long before the full album is made. Get in touch with the band and demand it.

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Article Written by Paul Simpson