Gone are the times where all a girl cared for was to be the pretty and saved by the man of her life.  Today we aim for the rise of a new tipe of Fables’ heroine: the Power Witch.

Feminist, independent, super smart and sexy, a girl in charge of her own happiness.No longer delicate dolls, but raging beauties of flesh and passion, driven by aspiration and ideals. Goodbye damsels in distress, hello the rise of the power witches! Here’s 10 instagrammers to up your spell game

  1. @Hannahpixiesykez  


Tattoo artist and owner of Black Stabbath Tattoo. She is vegan, sacred geometry addicted and part time muse. She also battles for different causes: animal care, mental health and against cyber bullies. Follow her: @hannahpixiesykez

2. @Theserpentsclub 


Every lady of the darkness deserve a proper “Crown”. If you’re into Crystals and statement jewellery this is the brand for you. Follow them: @theserpentclub

3. @Luna_artwork 


I believe that every modern charmer needs art in her life, and those are some of the most whimsical artworks. Follow her: @luna_artwork



Why burn our bras when we can show them off so fiercely?  Why should women hide what makes them women?! Embrace it.



One of the most wicked and coolest blogger around. She goes totally against everyone’s expectations of what a girl blogger should like but her style still makes her gorgeous! Follower her: @leannewoodfull




Everyday poetry, be inspired by her hands’ art work. Her art is really quirky and different rather than usual boring art seen on Instagram. Follow her: @Karliemow



Cause night time is the moment to nourish the beauty of our skin. This brand promotes natural beauty rather than the superficial look many instagramers go for.Follow them: @kissthemoonxx



My favourite photographer, glamorous, sexy and feminine, need more?  Follow her: @ellenvonunwerth



Queen of peace and of my dreams, nothing is so magical and spiritual as her songs.  Follower her: @florence


10. @Katvondbeauty 


For bad girls who are masters of make up and beauty. Girls who are empowered and love to stand out. Follow her:@Katvondbeauty


Article Written by Fedrica