Although the Victoria Secret Fashion Show doesn’t air till the 8 December, the event took place earlier this week. The spectacle it’s become is incredible. The show featured the Weeknd, Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding all performing this year.

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Every time the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes around, it raises questions about the unrealistic standard of beauty these Victoria Secret Angels portray. But, as with any angel, the question is always raised as to whether they truly exist.

Ultimately, this is their day job.Social media shows us how much work goes into it; with Gigi Hadid’s Instagram’s of her boxing, or Adriana Lima’s tweets about constantly going to the gym. Some of these women work out two or three times a day, not to mention their diet restrictions. I can’t help but admire the dedication it takes in becoming an Angel.

Gigi Hadid is a new Angel this year.  After her third attempt of auditioning she eventually made it as an Angel.Her perseverance is incredible, and this is why I dislike it when people dismiss modelling as a superficial job. You’ve got to work hard to be an Angel; in fact these women aren’t angels, they’re kick ass women who know what they want.

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These models have to fit a very strict requirement regarding their body type, so when many watch the show they simply see unrealistic expectations, and feel bad about their own bodies. Yes it is definitely unrealistic.I completely agree that a wider range of body types should be portrayed in these fashion shows.

However,the Angels freely admit the struggles they face to get their bodies looking like this. They know these aren’t the norm bodies; they have access to trainers we would never have the time or money to go too. The behind the scenes filming means you also see the amount of styling and make up that goes on- I mean make up goes everywhere. Everywhere!

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These women may be genetically blessed, but they still aren’t born looking like Angels with a pair of glittery wings already attached. So in the same way I can’t belt it out like Christina Aguilera, I’ll never have the abs of Gigi Hadid.  Instead of envying how she struts her stuff as an Angel, I choose to admire her perseverance for her numerous auditions, as well as her determination to hone such a toned physique. Who’d have thought, the traits of a Victoria Secret Angel I’d want wouldn’t be their looks?!

When the show airs, don’t worry that don’t look like a Victoria Secret Angel. No one really does. Enjoy the show as the spectacle it is, with the wonderful outfits and amazing singers. So sit back, get a cup of tea and some chocolate, and enjoy the show. Because yes, you may not be an Angel, but Victoria’s Secret’s out: Angels don’t exist.


Article Written by Jennifer Richards.