Its official that Adele makes everything better, even our Southern stud can’t fight the Adele fever.


McConaughy hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend for the first time in 12 years. We have seen Matthew in various characters such as ravishing stripper host Dallas in Magic Mike, to scrawny,alcoholic cowboy Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyer Club. We never expected to ever see our handsome hunk wearing a fabulous blonde wig,fur coat and eyelashes whilst mimicking the theatrics of being Adele in an Adele video.

The actor demonstrated the life-changing power of Adele even in everyday life events such as Thanksgiving drama.During the hilarious sketch, the SNL cast mocked a family who dispute over hot topics like Syrian refugees, transgender people and police brutality. They can’t agree on anything… except obviously Adele.

It is no lie that anyone who listens to Adele’s top charting song “Hello” doesn’t act out the lyrics out as if you are in the video! As shameful as it is,wether it be in the shower,car, bedroom or even on the bus, we all do it. This sketch captures it perfectly, within that short time of listening to “Hello” we are taken to a calm, sad place away from drama and all of our troubles.

Adele herself appeared during the episode as musical guest, singing two songs from her new album 25. Adele sang her 2nd song released for her album. It is another big make-you-bawl ballad, “When We Were Young”, which she sang straight from the heart with a breath taking voice. She was perfection. But, then again, when is she not?!

She performs so effortlessly as her vocals captivate thousands of listeners. She has really made a huge comeback. Who else can we turn to during a heartbreak another than Adele?!

Article Written by Rachael Nichol