Everybody loves a double act! Wether they are comedic, heroic or intelligent, they are always very entertaining to watch. Here’s my 5 ultimate TV power couples who stand out against the rest;

1. Sherlock and Doctor Watson,Sherlock

Though we only get to see this partnership once every blue moon, Sherlock and Doctor Watson still manage to be the reigning supreme TV power couple. As John points out, they weren’t actually together (though many fan fiction sites would disagree). Yet they are better than any show romance. Their friendship is heart-warming and endearing, as shown by Sherlock’s best man speech. Solving crimes and tugging at the heart strings? You couldn’t ask for a better TV power couple.

2. The Doctor and his Companion,Doctor Who

The Doctor and his companion are always changing,making Doctor Who the amazing and unique TV show that it is! It has the ability to completely reinvent itself every few years, but one stable element is always the wonderful relationship between the Doctor and his companion. Sometimes this relationship is a love interest, which can work well – I mean, who didn’t cry when Rose was left in the parallel world? Other times it’s just a friendship, which is expertly demonstrated by Peter Capaldi’s current doctor and Clara, who is played by Jenna Coleman. With Coleman having sadly left the series, I’m looking forward to seeing what changes a new companion brings to this relationship. But one thing’s for certain: they’ll still be an ultimate TV power couple.

3.Monica and Chandler, Friends

Ross and Rachel seem to be the most associated couple with Friends. Yet I never considered putting them on this list of TV Power Couples. I always found their ‘on-again off-again’ relationship irritating, and took light away from the ultimate couple: Monica and Chandler. Not only were they the two best characters individually, but bringing them together brought a whole new life to the show. It was lovely to see their relationship blossom on screen. Whenever I binge watch friends, (which let’s be honest is all the time!) I only watch from after this power couple came to be.

4. Merlin and Arthur, Merlin

The bromance between Merlin and Arthur was more important in this series than any love interest (though Gwen and Arthur came a close second). Seeing their characters change from not getting on to being prepared to lay down their lives for each other was amazing! The dialogue between these two was always the funniest, making their scenes my favourite. Though the Merlin TV series sadly got cancelled a few years back, you can binge watch it on Netflix. Enjoy this TV power couple with back to back episodes. You’re welcome!

5. Lucy Watson and James Dunmore, Made in Chelsea

I only watch Made in Chelsea purely for this couple. Lucy’s side eye is alone matched by James, who seems to be the only one able to reason with her. Reality TV couples are typically always in an argument or having  dramatic bust ups for the cameras. But this power couple is unusual by actually having a stable relationship – crazy?! But it’s definitely unfair for two such attractive people to be together, I feel intimidated just from watching them on TV. As if they need any more reasons to be an ultimate TV power couple.

Article Written by Jennifer Richards