Over the past week, pop powerhouses have dominated our news feeds. The announcement of newly released albums and tours have caused a flury of excitement to fans.

The incomparable Adele has had the world tight in her grasp since the release of her long-awaited album, 25. It is everything that fans have hoped for: there are elements of the Adele we know and love, exploring the depths of unrequited love and grief, with the dramatic opening of the well-known single, Hello. However, there are also signs of her newly motherhood side on tracks such as Remedy, where we hear her promising her protection, shelter and love – perhaps as an ode to her son, Angelo. After 4 years out of the harsh light of the music industry, Adele’s ability to tune into the heartstrings of just about anyone has not faltered. Broken-hearted boys, girls, and scorned lovers all across the world, prepare to have your feelings unearthed and examined by every note of this album that runs through your speakers.

Adele, 25, XL Records (www.adele.com) – 2015.

Of course, what way to better complement the release of a hugely-successful album than with what is sure to be a hugely-successful tour? In an announcement video full of outtakes and filmed before a map of Europe, Adele pokes plenty of fun at herself whilst announcing that she will indeed be embarking on a tour to support the release of 25. In true Adele style, there are laughs, lots of censored swearing, and somehow a Harry Potter wand gets involved. This video is well worth a watch, if you want to get a true feel of Adele as a person – not too serious, fun-loving, and excitable. Be sure to check out http://live.adele.com/ for tour dates and ticket information.

As well as Adele, Rihanna had some special announcements for her fans.Whilst fans eagerly await for the drop of her new album, ANTI, all that Rihanna has given  away is that the album is ‘coming soon’. With the release of the new album on the horizon, RiRi must have seen fit to surprise the public with an announcement of her world tour, set to start off early next year. The announcement was accompanied by numerous promo posters, showing the pop princess sporting dreadlocks whilst wearing a boxy suit. Fans attending shows in North America have been treated to rap and hip-hop star Travis Scott as the support act, whilst R&B crooner The Weeknd, and rap icon Big Sean will be hitting stages with Rihanna across Europe and the UK. More information can be found at http://www.rihannanow.com/tour/.


Rihanna, ANTI World Tour, (www.twitter.com/rihanna) – 2015.

With these superstars both embarking on massive tours, the only question that remains is who will you be buying tickets to see at the start of 2016?

Article Written By James Shirley