Now it’s December, at last it’s time to officially bring out the Christmas songs. Many artists seem to like releasing Christmas covers, and it’s definitely a nice way to mix up your Christmas playlist. Though it’s hard to beat the originals, these singers definitely come close. So here’s five of my favourite celebrity Christmas covers:

1.Carly Rae Jepson – Last Christmas

Starting with the most recent celebrity Christmas cover, Carly Rae Jepson delivers vocal perfection on her version of ‘Last Christmas’. Considering this is my favourite Christmas song, I’m happy she covers it so well. The tones in her voice match the more melancholy side of the song, whilst the backing music makes sure it’s still upbeat enough for a Christmas song. This will definitely be on my Christmas playlist this year.

2.Little Mix – Baby Please Come Home

Little Mix used to be my guilty pleasure, but now my love for them has certainly grown.This brilliant cover of ‘Baby Please Come Home’ has certainly helped me cement them as one of my favourite artists. Not only do their vocals excel on this cover, but Perrie and Jade also manage to pull off some brilliant Christmas jumpers. I just want to be them. Okay, enough about my Little Mix crush. Onto the next song…

3.Ariana Grande and Liz Gilles – Santa Baby

I love this Christmas cover so much that it’s one of the most played songs on my phone. As if Ariana Grande’s voice wasn’t enough, she teams up with Liz Gilles on this cover of the wonderful ‘Santa Baby’. Coming a long way from their days on ‘Victorious’, both these girls are fantastic singers and actors, but this cover has to be my favourite thing they’ve done.

4.Fifth Harmony – All I Want For Christmas

Is it possible to write about Christmas songs without mentioning this Mariah Carey classic? Fifth Harmony definitely do the song justice in their amazing cover. Their voices suit the song so perfectly, and the video has everything you need for Christmas: friends, a tree, and even some fake snow. Christmas Fifth Harmony style definitely seems like a day to remember.

5.Bastille – Christmas Mash Up

Ever felt so Christmassy that you just want to listen to all the Christmas songs at once? Well Bastille have the answer. They’ve fit as many Christmas songs as possible into their Radio 1 Live Lounge cover, and it’s all kinds of brilliant. This could have gone either terribly wrong or spectacularly right. But Bastille have managed to pull it off – was there really any doubt? There’s also a fantastic range of festive jumpers to really get you in the Christmas spirit.

So however you’re celebrating Christmas, let these brilliant celebrity Christmas covers be on your playlist this year.

Article Written by Jennifer Richards