Twin day: Kendall, 19, and Cara, 22, coordinated in Cake Tour shirts as they chatted away:

Every year, there’s that one hash tag that sums up the year.Examples of previous years hash tags are #yolo and #swag, but this has been the year of the Squad. More specifically, the year of #SquadGoals. Taylor Swift’s endless girl posse, and Kendal Jenner and Cara Delevingne’s infamous ‘CaKe’ friendship, this year has been a display of celebrity squads. These famous friendships have mainly been girl groups, reminiscing the girl power of the Spice Girls era. In fact, with the growing support of feminism this year, it seems only fitting that girl power has made a welcomed return.

In her recent interview with Nylon, Chloe Moretz said that the idea of the Squad indicates exclusivity. But to me, ‘Squad’ reminds me of a team, like referring to the World Cup Squad. This means it’s about always having your friends back, rather than isolating people. Women should support and help each other, instead of trying to compete. These Squads are about cheering on your friends’ successes and then helping them through the difficulties. Yet the best thing about #SquadGoals? It’s finally replaced #RelationshipGoals.

With celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Karlie Kloss positing photos with their Squad, their fans instead want to emulate their tight bonds and friendships they see. Whereas #RelationshipGoals made everyone feel like they needed a relationship to be complete, #SquadGoals has shown it’s amazing friendships, rather than relationships, that are truly enviable.

This year of the Squad hasn’t just taken place on twitter. Taylor Swift’s dates to the VMAs were her Bad Blood co-stars, who all looked stunning. Selena Gomez even sang her song ‘Me & My Girls’ at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show – I mean, the song really should be titled ‘#SquadGoals’. The lyric ‘You don’t understand, I don’t need a man’ seems to sum up this year perfectly: it’s strong friendships everyone wants now.

#SquadGoals isn’t just for the famous faces on Twitter. We’ve all got our own friendships that rival Taylor Swift’s posse. Instead of starring in a music video together, for me, just baking cookies with my friends is #SquadGoals. This year has shown the importance of friendship. Finally. Some of the best and most treasured relationships we have are with our mates; and it’s about time they started being appreciated. I don’t envy your #RelationshipGoals, as I’ve got my Squad. We laugh, we cook, we dance. Most importantly, we’re always there for each other. Now that’s #SquadGoals.

Article Written By Jennifer Richards