In fashion, buying second-hand clothes has always been a bit of a taboo. Whether it be hand-me-downs or  bargains from a charity shop, people forever cast away the idea of second hand clothes. But, in a day and age where fashion is forever evolving, who says this idea can’t change?

There are obvious options to go for when searching for a second-hand bargains. A quick and simple browse on eBay will offer you pages upon pages of any clothes that you’re so desperately seeking. If you are a seasoned user of the site, you will know what to look out for when buying from an eBay seller: make sure the seller has some positive feedback from other users, and make sure that there are plenty of pictures and perhaps even tags to let you know that you’ll get the real deal.

However, there are also many sites and smartphone apps that are dedicated to people selling on their unwanted clothes, such as Depop. It takes no more than downloading the app and making a search to get ‘Depopping’ straight away. Pretty much any clothes that you can think of are available on Depop, from heels and high-waisted skirts, to jewellery and jumpsuits. So put on your comfiest pair of PJ’s, pick your favourite show on Netflix, and get set on bargaining for clothes from your bedroom.

Everyone also says that charity starts at home, so why shouldn’t charity start in your wardrobe? Forget the idea that charity shops are full of dusty old jigsaws and books, and get hunting for your next pair of shoes or a bag in your high-street charity shop! Charity shops are packed full of hidden treasures just waiting to be found.

If you have ever heard of the Newlife Foundation, you will know that it is a brilliant charity that donates money to helping the lives of disabled and terminally-ill children. What you may not know is that Newlife have warehouses and boutiques in places such as Uttoxeter, Cannock, and Market Drayton that are filled with clothes and accessories from stores such as River Island, Ted Baker, Urban Outfitters, and many more! Also, the items sold by Newlife have not been previously owned, but are given to the organisation by stores when they have not been sold, or are sometimes unable to be sold. So, why not take a trip to a Newlife store, do your bit for charity and get a whole new look whilst doing it?

With all these options available for buying second-hand clothes, help to cast away their bad name and bag yourself a bargain!

Article Written By James Shirley.