1.Tattoo Roulette on the Late Late Show

Proving they’re up for literally anything, One Direction recently played tattoo roulette with James Cordon. In a Deal or No Deal style, either Cordon or a member of 1D was going to get a tattoo. The fear on Niall and James faces was hilarious, making what already would have been a brilliant video into an even more hilarious one.

2.X Factor Video Diaries

Behind-the-scenes video diaries at X Factor were the first time people saw 1D’s personalities and fell in love with them. Doing weird and wacky things, they captured the nation’s heart. Let’s be honest, they’ve stayed there since!

 3.Performing Torn

Their first performance as a group was at Simon’s judges’ houses singing ‘Torn’. Even just from this performance, it’s clear how well they were going to work as a group. However, it did turn out very well. I can’t imagine any of them would’ve guessed… that they would cover ‘Torn’ again at the Radio 1 Live Lounge. A fan created a brilliant mash-up between the two versions resulting in a wonderful, if tear-jerking, full-circle.

4.Harry Styles’ Suit




Harry’s fashion choice at this year’s American Music Awards received much scrutiny. But him choosing to rock his floral suit has been one of the best fashion choices of the year; it’s about wearing what you want, whether others will judge you or not. Wearing a similarly extravagant suit on their recent X Factor performance, Harry has once again shown he doesn’t care what people think.

5.James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke

Clearly James Cordon and One Direction are the Dream Team. Here, 1D join James for his famous Carpool Karaoke. With over 13 minutes of hilarity, as well as some pretty impressive vocals, it’s definitely one of their best moments. It also features some unexpected rapping skills from James Cordon….

6.Dance Off On Chatty Man

Back in 2011, 1D made an appearance on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man that ended in a spectacular dance off. A pop star willing to embarrass themselves is often hard to find, yet here are five. On their recent appearance on Alan Carr, another dance battle ensued. You don’t have to be the biggest 1D fan to still recognise the loveliness in these guys.

7.No Control

The power of One Direction fans has never been doubted. Although I think what happened with 1D’s song ‘No Control’ shows the extent of the power these legions of fans have. ‘No Control’ was featured on 1D’s album ‘Four’, but it was never released as a single. However, 1D fans liked the song so much, they banded together to promote the song enough for it to be played on radios and move up the charts. Definitely impressive.

8.The Formation

Of course this had to feature on the list: the birth of One Direction. Many people criticise the X Factor, but without it, this band never would’ve been formed. The members came as solo acts, but the judges put them in a group at Bootcamp. I bet they’re glad they made that call, I feel like it worked out pretty well…

9.Performing At Madison Square Gardens

I don’t think there’s a single artist who doesn’t want to play at Madison Square Gardens. Back in 2012, that’s exactly what One Direction did. It showed how their popularity had transcended over to America, with them becoming one of the biggest boy bands of all time.

10. X Factor 2015 Final Performance

Their final performance before their hiatus took place on the X Factor Final. Could it really have been any other way? Performing two songs from their new album, as well as a video of 1D’s memories, along with messages from celebrities, it was clear the extent to which they’ll be missed. With their last song being ‘History’, it seemed like a real salute to the fans, with the lyric ‘We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen’. The perfect description for 1D and their Directioners. Have a good hiatus boys, don’t be too long.

Article Written by Jennifer Richards