Paris. A city admired for its culture and vibrancy. However, recently the city has been at the centre of the world’s attention due to the tragedies that have happened there. The terror attacks that occurred last November, as well as it being a year on from the Charlie Hebdo attacks, highlight the struggles Paris has faced. Yet the Parisian people have shown their strength in how they have supported one another through these difficulties. The beauty found in these people can only be matched by the beauty in the city of Paris itself. It’s title as the ‘City of Love’ is fitting – you can’t go to Paris and not fall in love with it. So here are the best 6 things to do in Paris:

1.Take a Boat Tour in the Evening

Like London, Paris is definitely a hectic city. So it’s nice to take a breather and enjoy the view without having to move. You’ll easily find a boat tour without needing to book – my friends and I went on the ‘Bataeux Mouches’ one. The biggest tip here is to go in the evening, when the sun is setting. It gives Paris the most beautiful backdrop, creating even more stunning views. It also means you can take even better photos!

2.Go Up the Montparnasse Tower

Some of you may be surprised I didn’t put going up the Eiffel Tower on this list – it seems a staple tourist activity. But I think the better alternative is going up the Montparnasse Tower. This is a skyscraper where you get to head to the top for all these amazing views of Paris. They’re no horrendous queues for it like the Eiffel Tower, so no hours and hours of waiting! It’s also not ridiculously crowded at the top, giving you a chance to lounge on the viewing deck. It also means you actually get the Eiffel Tower in the amazing view, which is the thing you really want to see!

3.Visit the Latin Quarter

Whereas the boat trip is a break from the lively atmosphere of Paris, visiting the Latin Quarter puts you right in the heart of it. Full of cobbled streets and hidden restaurants, this is by far my favourite area of Paris. The little alleys felt removed from the big city of Paris, whilst still feeling full of life and energy. If you fancy a sit down, Glacier de Venise sell the most amazing juices! The Notre Dame is also in the Latin Quarter, and the park next to it is a great spot to have a picnic in – you get to enjoy the architecture without paying the entry fee!

4.Stay at the Lux Hotel (Picpus)

Accommodation is always about finding the balance between cost and finding somewhere great to stay. Well after staying in Lux Hotel last time I went to Paris, I’d never want to stay anywhere else. A standard room, which has a double bed, is €66 a night (roughly £50), making it only €33 each. It’s on a quiet street, but still being close to shops, restaurants and Picpus metro station – so it’s easy to head back into the hustle and bustle when you want. The staff were friendly and helpful, even when we were coming in very late! The rooms were also clean and comfortable, making it a great stay. Get Breakfast from Le Netter

5.Get Breakfast from Le Netter

Le Netter restaurant is the perfect place to start your morning. You can’t really go to Paris and not have a croissant for breakfast! It’s cosy and welcoming atmosphere makes you feel like a true Parisian. The waiter also excused our very poor French! For €7 you can get a hot drink, a glass of juice and then either French bread and butter with jam, or a croissant. It’s also in the Cours de Vincennes which means after breakfast you can stroll through the markets. Is there any better way to start your day?

6.Albert Kahn Musée & Jardins

Though the Jardin du Luxembourg is stunning, it can also get over-crowded with tourists. Instead, try the Albert Kahnn Jardins. Each section in this ten-acre jardin is modelled on different gardens from across the world. This ranges from French and English gardens to Japanese village gardens. As this secret spot is less well known to tourists, it also makes a relaxing afternoon.

Article Written by Jennifer Richards.