After years of missing Rihanna, she has finally released her new album Anti. This delayed album managed to sell over 1 million copies after initially giving it away for free!

Originally named #R8 by fans, ‘ANTI’ is finally available for download. As it took so long, RiRi originally gave it away as free gift. Rihanna tweeted the special code giving her 55m Twitter followers access to the record for free on Tidal.


Unfortunately the promo code has now ended but the album is available on iTunes as a deluxe addition,with 3 additional tracks! Fans can now get the full ‘ANTI’ album feautring 3 new songs called ‘Goodnight Gotham’, ‘Pose’ and ‘Sex With Me’.

Earlier this week, RiRi teased us, as she shows off that she’d been listening to her masterpiece,in a pair of super expensive Dolce & Gabbana headphones (£4600 to be exact!.The R&b queen shared a selfie captioned “Listening to ANTI”, causing her 55 million Twitter followers to go crazy!


For over a year now, the Bajan beauty has been secretly working on her new album.She then announced the album name ‘Anti’ during an art exhibition in New York City last October.

Rihanna being the teasy minx that she is, leaked 8 videos on Youtube of hew album. The videos called ‘Rihannas ANTI diaRy’ split into 8 rooms, revealed little snippets of what to expect on her album.

Click here to watch all ‘Rihannas ANTI diaRy’ rooms.

“I want to kind of get back to – not that they weren’t real music – but I just wanted to focus on things that felt real, that felt soulful, that felt forever,” she explained. “I wanted songs that I could perform in 15 years.

Rihanna is back with a new sound and a more soulful approach to her music. We are glad to have the queen of hip-hop back in the music world. Lets see what 2016 has in hold for RiRi.
Article written by Rachael Nichol.