Zagreb, (the capital of Croatia) is a typical destination for travelers. They only tend to stay there for a few days, typically as a stop off between two countries. However, when my friends and I went inter railing last summer, we were very novice travelers and so booked to stay in Zagreb the longest out of all the countries we visited. All the other travelers we met said we’d regret doing this, but the joke’s on them..I had the best time in Zagreb. It’s such a beautiful city, with so many things to do. So here’s the 6 best things to do in Zagreb:

1.Museum of Broken Relationships

broken relationships

I mean the title is enough to show why you have to go here – it’s not exactly your regular museum. It has peoples’ written reasons as to why their relationships ended, as well as donated items that symbolised their relationship. There are some pretty hilarious ones, but also some really poignant ones, so you may need to bring a tissue…


2.Museum of Illusions


Clearly Zagreb is the place for unusual museums. This will be where you get all your best pictures, as you actually are involved in some illusions (the photos still confuse my mum). Seeing my friends trying to frantically figure out this puzzle was also one of the highlights of my trip to Zagreb. The only problem was it didn’t have as many exhibits and rooms as I thought it was going to, but it’s still well worth a visit.


3.Hostel Mali Mrax

hostel (1)

Mali Mrax’s chill-out atmosphere is exactly what you need after a busy day in Zagreb. It has a gorgeous outdoor space, as well as the opportunity to cook outside. We got to have a nice dance whilst we made a meal, because that’s just the kind of ambiance this place had. The hostel is also run by friends who were incredibly kind to us, showing us places to visit (so the real people to thank for this list), as well as even buying us pizza one night!


4.Amelie Cafe

ameleie (1)

I’m not gonna lie, this is where we spent the majority of our Zagreb trip…but how could you blame us? It sells the most amazing cake ever! I mean, I just can’t describe how delicious it was, apart from saying when our friend from the hostel wanted to find us, he came to Amelie as he knew we’d be there…


5.Hike to Medvedgrad Castle

hike to castle

However much I wish I was, I’m not exactly the hiking type. For some reason the walk up to Medvedgrad Castle made me want to be the person who hikes all the time. The view was stunning, and so were the beautiful castle ruins. The entry was 15,00 kn, which is the equivalent to £1.51 – though I felt hiking up there was payment enough… But that’s another great thing about Zagreb, everything’s so cheap!


6.Zagreb Botanical Gardens

botanical gardens

We fancied a really chilled day before we headed back, and reading in the Botanical Gardens is the best way to spend an afternoon. The gardens felt secluded, and not like you’re in a city at all. There were also turtles in the lake, so I have some rather great pictures of my friend doing her turtle impression.


Article written by Jennifer Richards.