Amsterdam is the place to visit this year as everybody seems to be hopping on the ‘Amsterdammer’ bandwagon. Or should I say ferry – with deals for as little as £70 per person, this cheap trip is perfect for students to have an excuse to visit the beautiful, decadent city.Here’s the top 7 must do things to see the best of Amsterdam.




DO visit the famous museums Amsterdam has to offer. I would recommend the Sex Museum (truly gruesome but a must!) and the Anne Frank House as both are sacred to the unique history of the city. Other famous museums to enjoy include the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum.

2. Hop on Hop Off Tour


DO carry out your sightseeing in Amsterdam style with a canal tour. I would recommend a ‘Hop on Hop off’ tour, as they allow you to stop off at the different attractions to take photos or walk around and then hop back on the boat to travel to the next stop, and to enjoy the beautiful canals that travel down the scenic streets of the city.


3.Heineken Tour


DO take part in a Heineken tour… It’s Amsterdam it’s a must! Learn the history of Heineken and the city and, more importantly, drink lots of Heineken!



4. Vondelpark

DO visit Amsterdam’s famous Vondelpark. You could even rent a bike from one of the many rent-a-bike stores around the city and experience the picture-perfect park in all traditional Amsterdam style.

5. Cafe de Dam


DO stop by Amsterdam’s smallest pub. With the friendliest staff and the ecstatic environment the teeny pub is a welcome place for you to stop off for a drink or a light bite. Feel free to leave a message on a beer mat and place it amongst the hundreds of others on the walls of the pub – or bring a football scarf to decorate the ceiling!


6.Xtracold Amsterdam Icebar


DO visit the Xtracold Amsterdam Icebar – it is a slightly more commercial place but that does not lessen the fun! Drinking vodka from ice cups in a room sculpted from ice – what more could you want?


7.Redlight District


Finally, DO visit the Red Light district. No matter how squeamish you are you have to suck it up and brave the sinful streets of the red light district. Home to the most favourite ‘coffee shops’ and windows, it is a very interesting experience to say the least!


These are just 7 on the never-ending list of things to do and see around Amsterdam, and a place I can now tick off my just as long bucket list of places to visit! It’s definitely not one I will be forgetting anytime soon… Whether you are going with your partner (prepare yourself), friends or family there is fun in Amsterdam for everyone.

Article by Molly Ashby.