After a spontaneous decision to get back on the road again (the holiday blues were high), I decided to hop on the next train to my favourite city London.


If there’s one thing that I believe in, it’s that things are meant to be. On this trip, things were definitely meant to be! It coincided with not only the Brits and great weather, but also the end of London Fashion Week and the beginning of London Fashion Weekend.

If you need brushing up on the facts, the many Fashion Weeks that take place over the world’s most fashion conscious cities aren’t accessible to the public (or in the other words, us mere mortals…) However, London Fashion Weekend allows us to access and experience a little slice of the action at the price of only £20. Tickets vary from Bronze to Luxe, the more you pay, the better the experience. However, on my travelers budget, I purchased a Bronze, just missing out on the catwalks and a tote bag, it wasn’t worth it in my opinion, sorry Thornton Bregazzi, still a beautiful design!

Held at the grand yet minimalistic Saatchi Gallery, it was a perfect setting. An experience not to be missed is the many talks that take place. I was lucky enough to have booked when the talk on ‘The Art of Vintage’ was being held, (see, things are meant to be, right?) with Rellik, Live Archives and William Vintage  being interviewed. If you are unaware of these names, I suggest you look them up! For me, this talk was everything I could have wanted to gain from LFWend.



I am incredibly interested in running my own business in fashion, having started to make my own vintage inspired clothes at the beginning of my ‘gap year’ last September. So hearing from the experts was a welcome insight into a world I would very much love to be a part of. I left feeling incredibly well informed and motivated to go ahead and achieve my dream.If only I’d brought along a notepad and pen so I could have remembered every piece of advice they had! Next time I’ll definitely come prepared…

Not only is there talks and catwalks, but you can browse the countless stalls, displaying unique fashion brands of the highest quality. One of my favourites was Miss Patina for its cute cat collar shirt, and its reasonable pricing.Also Never Fully Dressed for its down to earth beginnings and ethical outlook.LFWend was a perfect opportunity to discover new brands that you wouldn’t find on the high street, if, like me, you are a bit sick of the lack of individualism in most stores. Admittedly, the clothes’s being of the uppermost value doesn’t make them of a reasonable price, so it’s probably time to start saving now for next year!


The skirt pictured here is handmade by me, this featured is my London map skirt! (what else?) Facebook Cat in the Dark if you’re interested in one yourself!

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Article by Laura Jackson.