“Street wear” is becoming so prominent in the world of fashion and culture, that it’s time to look at it as a serious trend. Many underground brands are often pushed into the bracket of “street wear”. Street wear is often thought of as clothes with cultural references, a loyal fan base following, popular among subcultures, but what really defines a successful street wear brand?


Brands like Supreme, Palace, A Bathing Ape, Cav Empt are iconic when looking at historic and current day pioneers. These brands religiously drop innovative collections, that continuously receive a worldwide applaud from fans and the fashion world. Kids will camp out for days just to cop the new Supreme products, but what is it about these logos that get people so excited?

Logos are a huge part of it. If you are covered head to toe in recognisable logos, you become that exactly, recognisable. It’s like being apart of a community, you pass someone else in the street wearing a brand and you automatically feel a mini connection to them, weird right? Well, not exactly. This is becoming a huge part of the popularity within street wear, that you might not get with other trends.

Brands have become so intertwined within subcultures and communities, that this continues to drive more fans to join in with the movement. Having the most exclusive products automatically make you cool and desirable in the world of street wear. This is what pushes so many male and females around the world to travel and queue a hell of a long time to get the freshest new pieces.

As more and more designers and brands try to create innovative collections, dropping as regularly as monthly. Its’s brands that manage to get a steady foot in the loyal community of buyers that are deemed successful. It’s these brands that receive an approving nod from early adopters, celebrities or basically anyone with a lot of Instagram followers, that are the ones making a breakthrough in the fashion industry.

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Streetwear as a whole has been making a quiet move into the fashion industry for many years now, with celebrities spotted wearing A Bathing Ape as regularly as they are seen wearing Chanel. The accessibility and coolness of many popular streetwear brands is hard to ignore. It is desirable to be individual in society today. The whole movement is very exciting, pushing boundaries whilst staying very true to it’s ethos. Yet, with so many people wearing these brands on a global level, how do you continue to look individual? It’s all about the way you put together an outfit, or ‘fit’ as many call it. Search the web and find those unique pieces, look on popular style blogs and gain inspiration, find your perfect outfit and work it.

Is she beautiful or what?! #KylieJenner:

Streetwear is only becoming even bigger, finding it’s spot in popular culture without becoming a sell out. The exclusivity of limited product sells continues to create ‘streetwear mania’ in stores and online, these iconic brands are clearly doing something right. But will there be space for new brands to make a name for theirselves? Keep your eyes peeled…

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Article by Ede Dugale