Walking down Drottninggatan (which is Sweden’s version of Oxford Street) you will come to notice a certain similarity between all the women. What they wear, how they talk and walk and most important of all what they drink. The younger teens are still hung up on overly sweet Frappuccino’s (I blame you Starbucks), whereas the soon to be grown ups can’t go a day without their freshly squeezed juice.

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Style wise, the olden days of ‘less is more’ has vanished and a new trend is upon us.Think ‘luxury yet sporty’, all in nature inspired colors and a hundred-dollar face. There are a lot of long coats in grey, beige and brown and the faux fur is a never-ending trend over fall/winter. On everyone’s feet there are either Nike’s or a pair of really expensive boots (thigh high or just above the ankle). There was a time when Converse and UGGs were on the it-list but now they’re more of a basic item in everyone’s closet.

As soon as the boot cut jeans made their comeback , the streets of Sweden would never see an end to it. I L O V E these pants, even though they’re always too long on me #shortgirlproblems. They are very versatile to style, which comes to show when watching all of these long-legged beautiful, stylish girls out on the streets.

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So, let me get back to that one hundred-dollar face. If I say contouring, you’ll get the point. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish with just a little (okay, a lot) bit of makeup. This trend is really growing on me but that depends on whether I know what you looked like before you went all model face on me. Me, I’m still working on my blusher and highlighter but I’ll join you pretty faces soon enough!

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I just realized I haven’t even begun to describe the it-factor to every Swedish fashionista – the designer bag. Michael Kors was trendy for a while but we have left his price range and moved all the way up to Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Mulberry. Keep in mind that I’m mostly referring to teenagers and young adults. We are pretty trendy to be this young, I think. I understand why people would want to spend that kind of money on a bag. When I bought my first designer bag, a beige Michael Kors in NY 2013, I cared for it as if it was my baby. It’s embarrassing really! I would never tell my boyfriend how much I spend on shopping, he simply wouldn’t understand.

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The best part of Swedish style is that you don’t have to be fashion blogger, a model or a celebrity to rock a fancy outfit. Great style is for everyone and the only downside to it all is that you’ll probably be broke by the end of the month. That is if you’re NOT a fashion blogger, model or celebrity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fashion elite in Sweden were to change their ways by the end of next week. I want to believe that I am updated with the latest trends and styles but by the time a model takes her first step on the runway a Swedish girl is already wearing her outfit.

Article by Hanna Hettman