Feeling like nothing is going right? Your hair isn’t sitting right no matter how you style it?It turns frizzy when its straight? Or your curls have dropped straight out even though you’ve sprayed the contents of your hairspray can all over your head? You can’t help but peer into the mirror, prodding every blemish and non existent wrinkle. wishing you were someone else?

We’ve all been there. A bad day doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful though, no matter how gross you feel. Take a deep breathe and take some time to make yourself feel you again.There’s as be-YOU-tiful as you!

fahdes: “  I am hard on myself. But isn’t it better to be honest about these things before someone else can use them against you? Before someone else can break your heart? Isn’t it better to break it...:

A good pamper can wash your troubles away. Having skin trouble? Smooth on a nourishing face mask that will soothe those pesky spots whilst giving you the relaxation you deserve. Pile your favourite products along the bath, picking your favourite scents. Orange zingy scents are uplifting and can empower you whilst lavender scented products are relaxing and calming, taking your cares away.

Sundays in Bed:

Social media can be inspiring and help you keep up to date with your favourite blogs. However, it can be a huge factor in bringing down your mood through comparing yourself to others. Switch your phone off and have some time for you! Flick through your favourite magazines, poring over the interviews and the beautiful editorials. Or perhaps do one better, go outside for a picturesque walk along the beach. Or even a wander through a park you’ve been many times before! Take in the fresh air and resist to take that selfie (even if the light is amazing!), this is your time to reflect on yourself and who you want to be!

Article by Katherine Taylor.