Now that I’ve introduced you to Swedish style it’s time to guide you through our city. I’ve already told you about Drottninggatan aka your Oxford Street, but let’s move to more luxurious streets.


I welcome you to Birger Jarlsgatan and Biblioteksgatan,Sweden’s upper east side where pricey brands meet fancy clubs and trendy spas. You’ll find Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Prada, Stella McCartney, etc. mixed with Swedish brands such as Tiger of Sweden, Filippa K and Acne Studios.

Located right next to Birger Jarlsgatan is the famous Sturegallerian (an exclusive mall). This features brands such as ZARA, House of Dagmar (Swedish), Bjorn Borg etc. along side trendy café’s and it-clubs. Walking from store to store is almost like watching and walking a fashion show.



The Swedes take this rest seriously, we even have a word for it: ‘fika.’ It’s sort of like grabbing a coffee but it includes more sugar. A coffee/juice/smoothie requires something to chew on (according to me and many others). So if a Swede asks you out for a ‘fika’, come hungry!

Best ‘Fika’ Places.

Shopping can be exhausting. It truly is comparable to cardio, just saying. Every fashionista need a place to regain strength and energy, and there are plenty of options:

Espresso House

My personal favorite. You have to try their chai-latte!!! Website:

Naked Juicebar

The yummiest smoothies in town, no kidding. Website:

Wiener Caféet

Pricy but definitely worth it. They serve an amazing afternoon tea you guys.              Website:

If you’re like me (lazy) and prefer getting your shopping done at one place make your way to NK. This magnificent building serves as home to every well-known designer there is. There’s also café’s, books, flowers and food. This is  the place to be when the annual summer/winter sale arrives. I managed to get my hands on a DKNY leather bag last year!

For the ultimate shopping experience I recommend you divide your time between designer bargains and budget purchases. There’s basically an H&M in every other corner and when there’s a sale at ZARA, come prepared. Drottninggatan is for “budget” shopping while Biblioteksgatan is for the bigger spender.

While on the subject I would like to present my favorite Swedish designer: Ida Sjostedt. She’s the queen of couture and dresses in general. I wore one of her designs at my graduation. I bought it second hand since it was sold out everywhere. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting married in one of her dresses.


As I’ve grown older, Stockholm has grown itself. Victoria’s Secret and Starbucks were a two hours flight away (to London) and to get your hands on a Marc Jacobs bag you’d have to buy it online. Today, anything can be found on the streets of my beloved Stockholm.

International brands have paved their way into our hearts but my love for Swedish design will always remain. So the next time you’re longing for some great shopping get on a flight to Stockholm and I’ll take you out on a fika!

Article by Hanna Hettman