Last week, Ellie Goulding revealed that she has decided to take a break from music after her Delirium Tour. This speculation was confirmed by Ellie herself when she posted a tweet stating “I am not quitting music, I’ve come too far for that! Just having a break. It’s been seven years since I had time off…. Love you all”.

While I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m sad to hear that our beloved Ellie will be taking a break from music. We certainly can’t deny the girl a break after seven hugely successful years.


It’s reassuring to know that Ellie recognises that she has “come too far” to simply quit the music industry after so long. As someone who has seen Ellie live in Newcastle three times over the last seven years of her career, I can confirm that she has grown in confidence and developed into a far more diverse performer. Last night (16th March 2016) marked the first time Ellie has performed a tour at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena, after previous years have been hosted by Newcastle’s somewhat smaller O2 Academy.

She still recognises herself as a “shy girl”.However, the way Ellie worked the stage and entertained her crowd last night was a million miles away from the shy but sweet girl who walked out onto the stage in 2010. While it’s great to see Ellie grow into a true performer, there was something so lovable about the nervous dancer who accidentally knocked a glass of water all over the stage and her set list that night.

Similar to Ellie’s tour in 2010, her return to Newcastle’s O2 Academy in 2013 was rather relaxed compared to last night’s performance at Metro Radio Arena. While it was clear to see that Ellie had grown in confidence since her first performance in 2010, there was still a hint of shyness in Ellie’s performance that night. I admit that I like this quality in Ellie’s performance as it creates closeness with her fans and reminds them of how ‘normal’ she is. I certainly feel that Ellie is the most ‘relatable’ artist in the music industry to date. Scrolling through her social media, Ellie’s fans are continuously entertained by her witty replies on Twitter and endless ‘behind the scenes’ posts on Instagram.


Last night’s performance was a true reminder of everything Ellie has achieved over the years. From the moment she stepped out on stage, until long after she had left, she lit up the room with her amazing talent and adored personality. Early on in her performance, Ellie was greeted in true geordie style after she admitted to having what she called “party petrol” on stage with her. She then appeared shocked as the typical Newcastle crowd began to chant “down it”, to which she nervously dismissed by beginning her next song. There’s no denying that last night’s crowd did not need any “party petrol” to have fun last night. Ellie managed to create the perfect party atmosphere with performances such as Burn and Keep on Dancin’, which certainly got the crowd moving.


In contrast, Ellie also managed to reduce the crowd to silence with her performances of songs such as Devotion and Explosions which allowed the crowd to enjoy Ellie’s angelic voice that makes her so unique. Ellie’s ability to work the crowd in that way is a true reflection of how far she has developed as a performer. As much as I love Ellie’s shyness, it’s hard to see why an artist so talented would ever feel shy on stage.What an incredible seven years this girl has had. Congratulations Ellie!

Article by Nicole Goodwin.