Ever since Kendall Jenner became the face (or rather body) of Calvin Klein we crave not only her abs but also those soft pair of Calvin undies. A matching set of underwear can make the dullest day a walk of sunshine.

However, our standards have changed. They’re expensive for underwear and once you try them on you’ll never want to take them of. My grey Calvin top is so outworn and I’ve only had it for like a month. The same goes for my black lace soft bra from Gina Tricot. Bye bye sparkling bombshells from Victoria’s Secret and hello comfy, cotton Calvin’s!

calvien kPhoto: Tove Waldemar, @tovewaldemar

The fashion elite of Stockholm introduced us to “the new era of underwear” via smoking hot pics on instagram. Colour wise, bright pastels and the classics (grey, black, white) are running for first place. A lace bra and a pair of cotton briefs were on everyone’s wish list this Christmas.

Showing of your underwear has never been this accepted before. But I guess Calvin’s and see- through lace bras are above the laws of fashion. They’re something new and exciting. They make us feels sexy and sporty yet feminine and romantic. We drag ourselves to the gym in aspiration to look as good as Kendall. But despite your body type, you’ll feel amazing just knowing how insanely hot you look beneath your clothes.


 kavlPhoto: Fredrika Persson, @fredrikapersson

I watched How to Be Single last week with my sister and at the beginning of the movie Dakota Johnson shows a bit of skin and her Calvin Klein bra is showing. To my surprise someone in the audience actually cried out “Calvin Kleeeeeeein”. I was in shock! It’s a bra! Go ahead and yell out some cute actors name but this? Obviously, not everyone feel this strongly about a pair of cotton undies. But the Swedes apparently do and I’m one of them.

Before showing off our bras became the new it-thing, girls were actually running around showing their panties (showing their Calvin’s). Way to go if you managed to pull that of, when I tried it, it looked like I had a wedgie (girl version of course).

So I thought I’d give you some tips on how you can rock this trend!

One of Sweden’s biggest blogger, Kenza, knows how to pull of the romantic feminine style. Why not trade that over sized t-shirt (that we all wear at home) for a comfy BUT stylish bra while preparing your yummy breakfast? A little bit of color might help brighten up an early Monday morning? Set from Bjorn Borg.

kkkPhoto: Kenza Zouiten, @kenzas ,

We all have that one pair of loose jeans that are stylish enough. But how about upgrading your style a level or two? Those boyfriend jeans are speaking for themselves, but combined with a pair of Calvin’s…It’s to die for!

keePhoto: Kenza Zouiten, @kenzas

I usually wear my Calvin top underneath a see through t-shirt. That way I feel comfortable showing of my underwear in public. Pairing it up with a really low cut tank top, where you spot the bra on the sides is also super stylish. This bra makes me feel super sexy in a non-revealing way. Balconette and push-up in all its glory, but Mr Klein gave us something we didn’t know we could have: comfort.

Article by Hanna Hetman.