Photo: Tove Waldemar, @tovewaldemar

The bigger the better seems to be the slogan for the latest lip trend. Kylie Jenner had us questioning the originality of her perfect pout but as soon as her lip kit hit the stores we didn’t bother anymore. 

Kylie’s lip kit sold out in seconds when she first released it earlier this year. Yesterday she restocked her lip kit with new shades, again these sold out straight away!

Lips might be a number one priority but never before have we spent this much money and time on perfecting our faces. I’m not much for makeup but I’ve found a way to benefit from this trend: the prettier the makeup, the more casual the outfit.


Photo: Emma Vikstrom, @makeupthang

As our lips grew bigger our lashes grew taller. We want to create an illusion of pouts and winks that does not exist. But that’s ok. No one will judge you for having fake lashes or knowing the trick to fuller lips. We support each other. We actually help each other via tutorials and step-by-step guides.


Photo: Kenza Zouiten, @kenzas

Every makeup junkie face at least two difficulties: 1. Getting those perfect brows (and making sure they’re even…). 2. Applying eyeliner. I can deal with my brows but I’m done with eyeliner. I can’t even draw a straight line on a piece of paper for crying out loud!


Photo: Emma Vikstrom, @makeupthang

In a jungle of brands and brushes one can get lost. The majority of my makeup is from Make Up Store. They offer every shade, brush and color imaginable. They even made my makeup for prom.

So what are the fashionistas using? The talk of the town seems to be Chanel, YSL, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Elf (among many more of course). But remember that your makeup doesn’t have to be overly expensive or on the it-list for it to look good.

                                  Photo: Emma Vikstrom              Photo: Tove Waldemar       Photo: Fredrika Persson


The bigger lips trend is great. Giving us girls natural ways to improve our fullness in our lips. However, there are several tutorials that show makeup artist going over their lip line with lipstick. To be honest, I feel like it looks really obvious making them look like they have put their lipstick on drunk rather than looking like they have plumper lips!!


Photo: Ryan McGuire,

My point is that you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to pull of a fierce looking face. Ask for help (like I do) or search the web for tutorials. It’s also ok to be a little daring. Take chances! The worst that could happen is that you’ll have to wash it off.

My tip for those of you who prefer a more natural look but still want to draw attention to your gorgeous faces, is to put on a colorful lipstick. It doesn’t have to be all bright and sparkly. I’m rocking a sort of dark raspberry shade at the moment from The Body Shop and I love it!

It may hide our dark circles and cover up our zits but beauty is all on the inside!


Article by Hanna Hettman