Everyone strives to looks perfect. From perfect glowing skin to shiny full locks, we all are never happy with what we have got. Here’s a few simple tips to follow to help improve your beauty battles!

1.Drink More Water!


It’s the most simple of beauty tips. Also the one that most of us fail to follow. It’s estimated that we should drink up to 7-8 glasses of water a day in order to get the most of its benefits. Drinking enough water has extreme beauty effects such as nourishing hair, nails, aiding in weight loss and giving ‘life’ to your skin. You’ll also be less likely to end up with more wrinkles over time. By not drinking enough water, you’re more at risk to skin problems such as acne, redness, bags under the eyes and dryness. So get drinking!

Adding lemon to your water also has major health benefits, acting as a detoxing, immune system boosting all in one drink.

2.Vaseline It Up


Yes, you read that correctly, VASELINE. A time old and trusted beauty item that everyone has lying around the house. This handy little tub of petroleum jelly can be used in many different ways, the possibilities are endless. First and foremost, it’s a great moisturiser, and not just for your lips. Many women have put their youthful look in older age down to covering their face in a good layer of the stuff- every night before bed. Using Vaseline on rough areas, such as feet or elbows, can help to smooth them overnight. Applying a layer to your lashes and eyebrows can help them grow faster, and can be used to shape your eyebrows in turn of brow gel. I could go on forever with its uses, which include helping aid sunburn, preventing tanning mishaps, to mixing it with your favourite lipstick to create a lip balm, but I’ll let you work out the rest. Just remember to keep a tub of it in your handbag, because you never know when it could come in handy.



When buying any product, you should be aware whether it includes an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) or not. Though it may seem pointless if you live in a place like the UK, you’d be surprised at the difference it will make in years to come. Though the sun may not be beaming down directly on us, it’s still having an impact on our skin. Wearing an SPF can insure you’ll slow down the effects of skin aging and can prevent discolouration and brown spots that over time ruins your complexion from youthful to not so. . Most products do have it these days and it’s a good way to ensure you’re protecting your skin without needing to think about it.


4.You Are What You Eat


You could try all the beauty tips in the world, but nothing makes a bigger difference than how you are treating your body. Eating well, as well as exercising, is without doubt the biggest beauty tip of them all. Ever noticed how after that spontaneous bike ride your skin was glowing a little bit more than usual? And how when you swapped the fast food for a healthier option, you felt so much better for it? Just thinking about what you’re putting into your body and how it’s affecting your insides has a dramatic affect on your outside too. Keep a bowl full of fruit on your kitchen table, and when you’re feeling peckish, you’ll be more likely to grab your daily dose of potassium, or vitamin C rather than something you may just regret later. However, don’t deny yourself food because it’s not ‘healthy’, everything is good in moderation!





The easiest tip of them all. By smiling often, you are ultimately more happier (surprise surprise) due to your brain thinking that you must be. So even if you are having the worst week ever, smile, and you’re half way there! Not only that, but it takes up a lot more muscles in your face to frown, and lot less to smile. You’ll thank yourself in years to come- who would rather have frown lines over laughter lines?