Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe, but not everyone gets it right. Here’s how to make a smart transition from your winter wardrobe, to your springtime alternative.

1.Dress For The (British) Weather


When the nights are getting lighter and the days longer, the excitement for Summer can be unbearable. When you’ve spent all Winter in that holey jumper and your wooly socks, all you want to do is SHOW SOME DANG SKIN. The need to buy that pretty little dress can be too much for some weaker, summer hungry gals out there. But you must stay resolute; this is England for god’s sake, those Californian springs you’re dreaming of are just that. Dreams. If you must go out on a Spring spree, look for an outfit that can be worn on it’s own and with layers until the Summer. Something that says ‘it’s warm out, but it’s not that warm.’ This way, you’ll be getting more wear out of your new outfit.



You may be thinking ‘It’s spring! Time to bring out the florals’, but let’s be real here, who doesn’t? Every year we hear about florals and pastel shades, and it can get boring!. Be bold, be different, if you feel you suit darker shades more, then wear a darker shade. Exchange your plum red dress for a poppy red; this is a subtle transition from a winter shade to a spring shade.

3.Boots Over Pumps


This may be an unpopular choice, but buying a good pair of boots will fair you better than a flimsier style of shoe, such as pumps or sandals. My reason is this, British Springtime can get wet. Plus, with all the natural beauty just ‘springing up’ out there (mind the pun) most of us will at some point head out to enjoy it. Invest in a pair of good quality, stylish waterproof boots that you can do a fair bit of adventuring in. Dr Martens and Rocket Dog both have an excellent range of boots that  are not only beautiful, but sturdy too. So you can run around fields and enjoy the beauty of Spring without having to worry about your feet getting wet.

4.The ‘Staple’

light jacket.gif

Invest in a staple jacket that will go with anything. Make sure that it’s light enough so that it carries you through into the warmer months, and that it’s spacious enough to wear a jumper underneath for now. Go for a shorter style, and for a colour or pattern that you know will match most of your outfits. Denim may be too cold to wear now, but a leather, or bomber jacket is a good option for this time of year, so get shopping!

Article by Laura Jackson