As we quickly approach the warmer months (is it really mid-April already?) It’s time to lay out in the sun and relax with a great read. If that sun still hasn’t made an entrance, there’s always that hot bubble bath waiting! I have comprised the best of the best when it comes to the most heartwarming and inspirational stories that I’ve enjoyed recently, these stories are bound to stick with you!

1.One Day by David Nicholls

An all time favourite.Who doesn’t love a good romance story? The epic story follows best friends ‘Em’ and ‘Dex’ throughout their lives together – and apart. Following the two on the 15th of July (St Swithin’s Day) every year for twenty years, you’ll be eager to read on. One Day stands out against other love stories, as it never delves into the unrealistic.

Remaining lifelike throughout, is what makes the story so relatable. Nicholls isn’t afraid to present the true nitty gritty of a long-term friendship, the hardships we face in relationships, and the struggles we face throughout our lives with one another. If you are looking for a book to fall in love with, then you’ve found it. Because honestly, there is no other book more heartbreakingly beautiful and as precious as this one. 

This book has been brought to life in a film starring Ann Hathaway (Em) and Jim Sturgess (Dex), so if you’re more of a film person than a book reader this is a good movie to watch too!

2.Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

I found a copy of Memoirs of a Geisha in my apartment when I visited the Canary Islands last Autumn, and boy, am I glad of it.If your not a big lover of romance this is for you. This is gripping from start to finish, following a young girl called Chiyo.She recalls the brutal life she has led after being taken from her small village in Japan to Kyoto where she is sold to an Okiya. Revenge and love ensue, making for an exciting storyline.

The detail in which Golden goes into this Geisha’s life will have you believing that it’s just GOT to be true! It certainly keeps you guessing throughout. Beautifully written, the imagery leaps out of the page.The beauty of Japan, as well as the ugly, is presented outstandingly. Make sure to watch the film after you’ve read the book, although a slightly different storyline, it brings the beauty of the book to reality.

3.In Search of Mihailo by Dolores Palà

If you can, save this one for a trip to Paris.That’s where it’s set and you’ll get a whole different feel for the city itself- as well as the book. Loss, change and of course, love, are the main themes here. The loss of love, and the change of a beloved city through time. Paris is brought to life on the page, leaping from post-Second World War to the ‘present day’, (written in the late 80’s) you’ll be yearning for the past you’ve never even lived.

The city’s ‘golden age’ mirrors the ‘golden years’ of our youth.Palà perfectly expresses this through the eyes of a young American girl, following her dreams in Paris. Looking back over the years, we all feel a sense of nostalgia, right? Mix this with regret and longing, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for heartbreak. Yes, you’ve been warned. This book will break your heart a little bit,but you’ll be somehow better off for it, believe me. 

Article by Laura Jackson