When spring arrives the streets are teeming with people eager to shop the latest trends. And what better way to get people’s attention than teaming up with an A-list celebrity?Nordic fashion stores have got the memo.

Ever dreamed you could look like Carrie from SATC? Or pull of fringes like the boho-chic pros? Well, now’s your chance!

1. Finnish Fashion Chain Lindex.

They just launched a spring collection, SiennaHeartsLindex. That’s right! Fashion icon, model, and actress Sienna Miller is the face of this spring collection. Sienna Miller is literally the definition of boho-chic, and so is this collaboration. With influences from the 1970s with a bohemian touch, this collection speaks directly to our hearts. It’s fairly affordable and you can get your shopping done in store and online. Get the look here! 

Photos: Lindex

2. Swedish E-commerce www.ellos.se .

They greeted spring in the very best way! For inspiration they flew off to NY where they met up with Sarah Jessica Parker! The collection is based on Best Basics, Personal Touch and Dress Up. As Carrie in Sex and the City, Sarah J Parker blows us away with her impeccable sense of style. Get your hands on this beautiful collection here!

Photos: ellos.se 

3.Swedish brand KappAhl

Third in line of recruiting an it-girl in time for spring is Swedish brand KappAhl. Swedish supermodel (and former Victoria’s Secret model) Caroline Winberg models almost in EVERY collection at KappAhl website, in store and on TV. My favorites are Hampton Republic 27 for her a collection of preppy clothes with marina influences – and The feminine collection with romantic pieces inspired by the 70s.

Photos: KappAhl

This is not the first time Nordic brands got their hands on supermodels or trendy designers. In 2012 Lindex launch their Missoni-Lindex collection. It was sold out in seconds. Every stylish Swede wanted to get their hands on the iconic pattern. The Missoni-Lindex pieces are still hitting the Ebay market (just a little tip…).

Feeling uninspired? Turn to the trendsetters, models and actresses. Getting dressed in the morning in a lot more fun when you’re feeling motivated to look good and do good and most of all feel good! Here are a few tips on how to turn on your creativity in the early morning:

  1. Make your own personal moodboard. Are you feeling the laid back style or is it more of a dress up week?
  2. Plan ahead! Maybe you just bought a new top that you’re dying to wear. Make that the foundation to build upon! Plan the rest of your outfit, makeup, hair etc. based on that one top.
  3. If you’re having one of those days when everything looks completely and utterly bad, play a safe card! Put on those favorite pair of jeans that really highlights the beauty of your legs (and butt).
  4. Really search through your closet! Chances are you’ll find some lost treasures to kick of your weekend.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Maybe you’re more of a sneaker girl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull of high heels!

Fashion is all about taking risks and exploring your options. Don’t be afraid to commit a fashion crime. The perks of being an ordinary girl is not having to worry about ending up on the worst dressed list!

Article by Hanna Hetman.