Putting on a bikini generally means getting as undressed as can be (in public that is…). The whole idea behind it is to expose your bare skin and body to the sun. There’s no surprise we got a little bit taken aback when the long lost swimsuit returned in stores and on runways. Trading a Victoria’s Secret bikini for a swimsuit à la granny style is simply out of the question.But what if it’s not anymore?

Once upon a time swimsuits were worn by the older generations, the older generations only. In hideous colours and with an unflattering fit, they were never to be seen in a fashionista’s closet.

Leila Hyams, 1930s, Clarence Sinclair Bull,:

But beware. Change is in the air.

Once the neckline and back were lowered, modern patterns and colours more added the ever so hated swimsuit rose from the dead. The fashion elite gave their approval and eventually so did we.

There is an upside to wearing a swimsuit instead of a bikini; for instance, you don’t have to worry about either piece being ripped off by the waves or that your belly will be hanging out. However, you get a pretty awful tan.

H&M always deliver must have swimwear! Somehow they manage to nail fit, pattern and colour. Besides the look, the prices are to die for. You no longer need to choose between quality and quantity; H&M brings you both! Want to get your hands on these beauties? Click HERE!


Photo: Kenza, @kenzas

Swedish top blogger Kenza has us drooling over the swimsuit trend (and her gorgeousness!!!). She shows us that looking good on the beach doesn’t have to be that hard. Go for a noticeable pattern or statement print and you’re all set! Btw, who knew kiwis could be so stylish?

The swimsuit serves multiple functions. First of all, it’s an excellent swimwear. Second of all it works as a body suit. For example, you can wear it with a pair of jeans shorts or with a cute skirt. Perfect to cut down the weight in your suitcase! 

So how do you know if you’re a classic two piece bikini kind of girl or a dare devil swimsuit gal? Well, swimwear is just like underwear. When you’ve found the right ones you’ll just know it. So be adventurous! Maybe this is what your body has secretly been craving all along or it will reject it!

So let’s say you’re not up for the swimsuit trend. Don’t worry! I’ve got some juicy stuff for you as well! Swedish top blogger Tove Waldemar has the bikini trend all figured out.

Photos: Tove Waldemar, @tovewaldemar

To get your hands on these beauties just follow the link!

Whether you’re a swimsuit gal or a bikini babe, choose your swimwear wisely. Always go for comfort and fit before colour, pattern etc. No matter how pretty your new swimsuit might be you’re not going to want to wear it if you’re boobs risk falling out. Be summer body confident! 

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Article by Hanna Hettman.