One thing I’ve learnt whilst growing up is to always look after your skin. It’s the only skin you’re going to get and the way you age depends on you! Through mixing many product combinations and concocting different routines to hopefully create a miracle on my problem skin, I’ve learnt that less definitely is more!

I know it is hard not to cover that irritating spot in the latest products, slathering on sudocrem and toothpaste in a bid to rid yourself of your skin imperfections. However by laying off the products, it could do you the world of good! Clearing your skin up effortlessly with simple steps in improving your skincare routine.

1.Have a Three Step Skincare Routine

With the beauty world exploding through blogs and youtube videos, there has never been a more confusing time when picking the right skincare for you. Some bottles claim to perform miracles while some little pots of moisturiser cost more than your monthly salary! I find that it’s best to stay simple and stick to a three-step skincare routine; giving your skin what it needs whilst also not piling on the products. Pick products that work well for your skin type(many shops like The Body Shop have specialists that can help with determining whether you’re dry, oily or even combination!).

After years of trying out the likes of Clinique, Benefit and drugstore alternatives like Simple, I’ve finally found what works for me. The Body Shop gave me a skin consultation, determining that I have combination young adult skin and devised a skincare routine that honestly has worked wonders! The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm + The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner + The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Moisturiser = perfection!

2.Don’t Over Cleanse!

Washing your face multiple times and using abrasive exfoliators can be more damaging than good, stripping your face of the vital oils that it needs to repair itself. Stick to a skincare routine for morning and night, this will limit the amount you’re touching your face and could definitely help to see your skin look clearer and brighter.

Achieving clearer skin can take time(I’m 22 and my skin still does what it wants!), so don’t feel bad when you’re checking your spots for the millionth time to see if they’re gone yet! Be patient and within a month, a 3 step skincare routine can definitely reduce any skin imperfections and help to protect your skin from further blemishes.

3.Fuel Your Skin!

Whilst pizza, chocolate and all those yummy naughty things are indulgent treats(especially for those pms times!), they can affect your skin and make it break out. Make an effort to take care of the things you put in your body as well as what you put on it. Adding fruit and vegetable juices into your diet rids your body of toxins whilst replenishing your skin with vital vitamins that will leave it glowing! Even a small glass of orange juice a day or a sprinkling of strawberries with your breakfast cereal; every little helps!

Treat yourself to a curry! Many Indian curries contain Turmeric which has healing properties whilst preventing dry skin – perfect for that glowy instagrammable complexion! Look for ingredients that are natural, you never know what you’ll find to add into your daily diet, perhaps even spark a new love for a particular food!

4.You Are Beautiful

Spotty and blemished skin can sometimes be hereditary, meaning that no matter how much you change up your skincare routine and diet you’ll always get some type of spots. Acne can be grown out of, so resist picking and carry on your skin routine; you’ll thank yourself later when you’re left without terrible scars. You are beautiful always, imperfections make us who we are!

Article by Katherine Taylor