It’s fair to say that summer is finally here and in Stockholm, we experience heat like never before. The thing about living in Sweden is that it’s either freezing cold or way way too hot!

I’m not a big fan of spending my summer in the city. I would much rather lay on a beach in sunny Greece. However, Sweden offers a lot of summery things to see and do! Assume that the weather’s on top, my hometown serves as a great summer host.

If you’re out of plans this summer I suggest you take a look at my five reasons you should spend summer in Stockholm.

Island Fun:

Let’s say you’re not up for a summer in the city. Well, that’s fine! Sweden offers boat life, beach life and even country life. This is all findable on the mainland but for more adventurous souls I recommend you take the boat/car/flight out to one of our beautiful islands.



Picnic Perfection:


Photo: @Kenzas


For those of you who prefer staying on the mainland, there are plenty of summery activities to try. Swedes LOVE to hang out in parks. We work on our tan, have picnics, barbeques and even big screen movie nights (open for the public!).

Shopaholic Summer Activities:

Shopping crazy Swedish fashionistas used to have to fly overseas to get their hands on the latest items. But those days are gone! Feeling like spending your travel funds on shopping instead of flying? Stockholm greets you, little spender! P.S. Chanel just opened up their first store in Sweden on Birger Jarlsgatan…whieeeee!!!

A few stores in Stockholm have occasional “after work mingles” or great opening offers with bubbles and snacks. Can shopping get any better?

Music Madness:




Sweden hosts a lot of music festivals, HUGE festivals. Some of them take place in our beloved capital while others require a bit of travelling, but there’s some fun in that too. Chances are you’ll bump into some of Sweden’s biggest bloggers. They’ll make you question whether you came to a music festival or a fashion show…

Top 3 Music festivals

People Watching and Coffee:


Photo: Tove Waldemar


Nothing says summer as open-air cafés. In Stockholm, you’ll see one in every corner. Brunching, lunching, coffee break, dinner? If the weather allows us to sit outside we will sit outside. For a true Swedish café experience, I’ll recommend you to visit the Old Town. And for the more sophisticated, insta-holics I’ll recommend Kungsträdgården or Stureplan.

I could go on and on about what to do and what to see when visiting Sweden! These are just a few of my personal highlights. Prepare to be amazed, prepare to fall in love but whatever you do, don’t forget your umbrella and a warm sweater (just kidding!).

Article by Hanna Hettman.