The thought of having my own business has been on my mind for as long as I can remember, dreaming of the day that I can create my own rules and do a job I love every day. Being a #girlboss seems to be the ultimate dream! But how do you take that leap of faith and jump?

It can seem unnerving and slightly too-adult to go straight up self-employment overnight so the trick is to take it small. Figure out if this is something you’d like to pursue and become a career, working it out step by step to truly know your business idea and how you’d like to achieve success. Throw yourself into your business idea as a hobby, using your passion to create branding and social media engagement. If you love your business idea so much that you’d do it for free; it is going to be a sure fire success!

Trust Your Instincts:

If you’re overwhelmed with creativity and passion for your business idea, definitely pursue it. Try and think positively, taking opportunities and challenges as they come. When you’re overthinking and comparing your business idea to the perfect Instagram accounts, stop and think. You can’t compare your small beginnings to someone’s established business; learn through your mistakes and go with the flow! If your business doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. At least you tried, and perhaps it could lead the way for a new idea….

Do Your Research

Think carefully about your business idea; who will buy your product or service? Is there anything competitors aren’t doing? If there isn’t a market for your project despite how pretty it is, it probably won’t sell! Grab a cup of tea and a laptop and spend an hour scouring the internet, looking for what the trending bloggers and social media addicts are talking about. This will give you an idea of what or what’s isn’t being sold currently, as well as seeing the influencers you could potentially approach to promote your product! The below video of Kate from jewellery brand ‘Dolly Bow Bow’ is amazing for those budding entrepreneurs:

Use What You Already Have:

 A business doesn’t need to be formed with a million pounds, all you really need is a base amount for the initial products/services you’re going to offer. Be creative with aesthetics, how about designing your own logo/website/packaging? Free software websites like Paint and Picmonkey offer online collaging and editing tools – meaning you can learn which style of branding suits you before you fully commit to hiring people to spruce up your brand!

Social media is an often overlooked way of promoting your business and it’s free! Set up profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat; creating new ways to share what you have to offer! Post regularly on popular times(like that 2pm tea and biscuits slump!) and engage with followers to hopefully create more interest around your business.

Still umming and ahhing about starting a business? Go get it girl!