Sadly, I am no fashionista (which I’ve probably just proved by using the word ‘fashionista’). Yet even I’ve noticed the recent trend for embroidered patches, and for once it’s a trend that I’m entirely in favour for. Having little patches on your clothes adds some individuality and the brightness that has to come with summer (it’s almost June now guys, the all black wardrobe has to go).  So here’s a low down on the top picks:

Pull and Bear Denim Jacket

Pull and Bear are fabulous and severely underrated. Just look at how amazing this jacket is; so amazing in fact that I bought it and am currently wearing it. There’s also matching jeans if you REALLY love patches (though that may be a little OTT).

Topshop Dungarees


Okay, it’s a little pricey at £55, but it’s an investment (right?). If you really are anti a bright summer wardrobe, these black dungarees allow you to still experience the patch trend, and look pretty great whilst you’re at it.

Boohoo Dungarees



Another dungarees I’m afraid, however, this one is shorts so a little more summery. It’s also cheaper, and considering how much money I spend on ice cream in the summer, any money-saver is a definite plus. The patches also make me think of an American summer camp, and who hasn’t dreamt of going to one of those?

Forever21 Jumper

Patch Graphic Pullover

Let’s be honest, if it’s a British summer, there’s going to be some rain and definite chilly weather (sob). This jumper is here to answer all your British-weather related worries. It’s comfy and cosy, though the patches of ice-cream and pizza may leave you a little hungry…

The patches trend is also great for DIY. Lots of places are now stocking iron-on or sew-on patches that you can then add on to your own clothes. Jeans and denim jackets are definitely amazing items to patch-up. Though it sounds contradictory, I recommend sewing on iron-on patches, as these ones tend to come off in the washing machine. Great places to buy patches from are Urban OutfittersASOS and EBay also have some great pop-culture reference ones.

Article by Jennifer Richards.