I have a vague memory of Instagram in its olden days. The majority of its content was mediocre photographs of people, animals and nature. Then came the evolution of selfies, outfit of today, throwback Thursdays, couple goals and picture perfect food.


Photo: Kenza, @kenzas


Even though Instagram serves as a great platform for bloggers, designers and celebrities the most unexpected (in my opinion) of things made its breakthrough. I’m talking about food, healthy food in particular.

Healthy lifestyles are becoming a social media trend and hashtags such as #cleaneating, #cleanfood, #detoxtea, #juicelife are frequently occurring. These people attract thousands of followers and end up creating body goals, life goals and lifestyle goals.

However, choosing this lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in it for the superficial aspect of it. A lot of people go green in benefit for the animals. There’s no denying it. The meat industry has a disastrous effect on the environment.


Photo: Kenza, @kenzas


I’m all in for a healthy lifestyle but when food gets directly associated with what kind of person you are and whether that person is good or bad, worthy or unworthy, that’s when we have a problem.

No one ever posts a picture of a pizza or a hamburger or any junk food for that matter. Except for those pictures when you’re supposed to “tag a friend who loves nuggets” (me, me me!!).


Photo: Tove Waldemar, @tovewaldemar


Whenever a blogger, celebrity etc. post a picture of food it’s so freaking flawless that I think most of us just stop trying. No matter how long I slaved in the kitchen or how many different angles I tried out before getting a decent shot, my food would never look like that. I’m not even sure I would want it to look like that. I prefer a salad on the side or tomatoes in my ketchup or strawberries on my Nutella pancakes.

But do I have the same right to post pictures of my non-so pretty multicoloured half healthy breakfast?


My point is that it doesn’t have to be all go green or go home. Hats of to those of you who can pursue a vegan lifestyle and drink those (god awful) juices every day. I’d rather see a trend going this way than the other, but let’s not forget that we simply aren’t what we eat.

4Photo: Fredrika Persson, @fredrikapersson

Anyways, here’s a little list of what the it-girls are snacking on at the moment. Some of these things are truly delicious, by themselves or mixed with other ingredients!

  • Avocado seems to be an all hit on and with everything.
  • Raw juices (usually contains celery, wheat grass, cayenne pepper, lemon, apple etc.)
  • Smoothies in all its flavors and colors.
  • Berries!
  • Pancakes are no longer just pancakes…they’re a piece of art!
  • Chia pudding
  • Water (with lemon and/or coconut).
  • Lots and lots of tea!
  • Salads (duh…), preferably with salmon.
  • Sushi!!

I say let’s try to incorporate all of these in our everyday life but with moderation and with room for a little treat now and then. Go green with a side of chocolate!

Article by Hanna Hettman