Glastonbury. The iconic festival that evokes vintage style, an eclectic music taste and a copious supply of muddy wellies! Whilst the idea of Glastonbury sounds right up my street, I’m that type of person that just can’t get along with camping in close proximity or those infamous port-a-loos. Although something I can enjoy is the highlights reel! Dancing along in my front room, wearing the comfiest pyjamas in existence without a splash of mud in sight!


Here are my top 3 highlights that made me feel like I wanted to actually be there! Maybe next year, if I book a hotel….

1.Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me Performance

What an apt song to one of the muddiest Glastonbury in ages! An old classic unites the crowd (I mean, who doesn’t know this song?) showing the true spirit of the festival. Stripped back with only acoustic guitars, Travis brought Glastonbury back down to earth. Showing that simple lyrics and not over complicating rhythms can be better than a dance troupe and a million instruments playing different beats!

2.Adele Headlining (#goals!)

The queen of heartfelt pop anthems, Adele was one of the headliners for Glastonbury 2016. She always makes me in awe; being able to belt out effortlessly her songs, hiding her stage fright from the hundreds of thousands of fans watching.

Her performance of Adele’s Someone Like You, completely shows her vulnerability, making her more approachable despite her queen-like status. Only Adele could say ‘I did it, I did it’ at the end of a performance, showing it’s not as easy as it seems! Not to mention burping in a fan’s face and declaring ‘I had a dirty burger before I came on, that’s why!’

3.The Bullzini Family

Typically when you go to Glastonbury you expect to be seeing mainly music acts, with the odd run to the food vans before another set starts! However The Bullzini Family are seeming to change the festival norm, adding a vintage high wire show called Equilibrius. Traditional wire walking mix with theatrical storylines to create a show for all ages, harking back to the simple entertainment that would have been shown in Glastonbury’s first festivals. A wool blanket and a bucket of popcorn and you’re good to go, for a good old fashioned British circus spectacle!

Article by Katherine Taylor