As seen on the sofa works TV advert, sloths are becoming more and more popular. With their slow motion movements and adorable faces, sloths have become an internet sensation!

Sloths live in the tropical forests of Central and South America. With their long arms and shaggy fur, they resemble monkeys, but they are actually related to armadillos and anteaters.

There are two main species of sloth, identified by whether they have two or three claws on their front feet. Some scientists think sloths developed their slow-motion lifestyle so they would be less noticeable to predators such as hawks and cats, which rely heavily on their eyesight when hunting.

They do everything upside down, from eating to sleeping to mating!? Sloths spend most of their time in trees and only are on ground level once a week when they need the toilet. Unknown to many due to their clumsy movements on land, sloths are actually excellent swimmers!

During my trip to Miami, I was lucky enough to actually meet, stroke and feed a sloth! Being an obsessed fan, this was a dream come true for me. Soon as I  stepped into the sloth enclosure I welled up and started to shake. They are such amazing creatures and so adorable, I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet one!!


With their laidback lifestyle and movement, they can come across rather creepy. However, in my opinion, it just makes them even more irresistible, it’s really hard not to fall in love with them! Here’re the top 5 sloths that have taken the internet by storm:

  1. A Sloth Believes it Can Fly

This video went global and featured on many news programmes. The sloth was rescued from crossing the road in Costa Rica by a passerby who carried it to the other side to safety. The sloths reaction to this was the cutest thing, as it stretches its arms and legs out as if it’s flying!! Click here to see the hilarious parody of this clip.

2.Kristen Bells Sloth Meltdown on The Ellen Show:

Kristen Bell like most of us is an obsessed sloth lover. She describes on this clip to Ellen her meltdown as she knew she was gong to meet a sloth, this was all before she even met the sloth!! This video reached over 23 million views.

3.Disneys Zootopia : Sloths Trailer

Not only are sloths becoming the most loved animal they are now famous characters in a Disney movie. This trailer captures the amusing slow sloths personality which we adore!!

4. Baby Sloths Having a Bath!

We all love babies. Most of us love sloths. But baby sloths in a bath?! This is too much to handle!!

5. Adorable Smiling Sloth Rescued from Clinging onto a Pole on a Highway:

These sweet images dominated Facebook newsfeeds in January. The sloth tried to cross the newly opened highway but became terrified so clung onto a pole before rescued by the Ecuadorian Transit Authority. The sloths little smiling face reached many of our hearts!!

Article by Rachael Nichol