It’s fair to say that summer is the season for accessorising. It’s literary your time to shine and your options are endless. Apart from eyewear, jewellery and shoes there is still the icing on top: bags.


Since summer is also party season we are in need of stylish yet practical clutches, cross body bags and walletsHowever, strutting around town (hello summer sale!!!) qualifies for a larger and more casual looking purse.

Then we have beach bags, weekend bags, totes and shopper bags, you get the memo. Summer season is here and this means war. No, just kidding. It means we need to invest in several suitable summer bags!  I’ve made a list of my 5 favourite bags for summer 2016. You’ll find some international best sellers as well as the Swedish girls favourite. Enjoy!

1. Gucci Dionysus Bag

APhoto: Kenza, @kenzas

This bag is definitely the talk of the town. Every it-girl has and I think I know why. Apart from its obvious beauty it’s just the right size. It’s also subtle in a way yet unique in it’s pattern!

2. Chloé Faye Bag


How does one create such an impeccable bag in absolutely every way? It was love at first sight. Many budget stores have tried to make their own variety of it but nothing (NOTHING) can compare to this beauty.

3. By Malene Birger Monica Bag

bPhoto: @bymalenebirgerstockholm

By Malene Birger is a very well known (and loved) brand among the Swedes. With a dreamy collection of bags in various sizes, colours and patterns this Danish designer makes the perfect candidate for your summer bag choice. (Psst…she’s got some pretty good looking clothes and shoes as well!!).

4. Stella McCartney Grey Handbags

CPhoto: Fredrika Persson, @fredrikapersson

Looking for the perfect bag for a night out on the town? Well, let me present to you, a lovely little grey one from Stella McCartney (the left one). If you’re fond of this style but not so much over the price, Monroeworld has got you covered. With their own version of the Stella bag, this one makes for a perfect summer companion.

5. The Prada Bag

DPhoto: Kenza, @kenzas

If you’re looking for a summer love that will make it through fall and winter, here’s my advice: Invest in a classic. This Prada bag will never go out of style. It comes in a variety of colours so just pick the one you think you’ll care for the longest.

Budget Options:

Instead of presenting yet another to die for bag that’s way beyond most of our budgets, I thought I would hook you up with some not so bad looking budget options.

When it comes to stylish and price worthy bags I usually make my way to ZARA.

Photos: Zara

The right one (grey) makes a pretty good substitute for the real deal, Chanel. There’s something about bright grey that’s so appealing. The beige/brown one is my favourite! It’s pretty similar to Chloé’s Faye bag.

The upside to buying these budget beauties is that, well, you’re going to have so money left on your account. And if you feel like getting another bag you don’t have to feel guilty about spending so much money on it.

Take note my friends. Money can’t buy style. No matter how little/much your bag might cost, you have all the power in the world to rock it!

Article by Hanna Hettman