Food has always been a hot topic. Each and every picture on my Instagram feed is of perfectly home cooked meals, fancy restaurant dinners and (of course) vegan-vegetarian-raw food alternatives.

As I was browsing through my feed I realised that there is a difference between fast food and fast food.

Photo: Stocksnap

Posting a photo of a quick lunch on the go from McDonalds won’t get you many likes. But a candlelit dinner with a picture perfect burger and grease-free fries is sure to take you beyond the (former) 11th limit.

I don’t count calories but something tells me that a burger and fries will always be a burger and fries. Sure, it might be greasier and saltier at some places, but it still counts as junk food.

At the top of your mind, when was the last time someone “famous” (bloggers, celebrities, it-girls etc.) tweeted, blogged or posted a picture of a straight out “junk meal”?

I see the occasional hangover-pizza and night snack burger but that’s mainly on ssnapchat. And let’s face it, snapchat is like a behind the scene platform for regular folks and superstars to communicate.

This is not an attempt to try to defend unhealthy food, but it is my way of inviting you to change your perspective. Don’t praise people for their pretty food. You have the same right as anyone else to flash your fries on social media even if they are less nutritious than other fancier fries.

A lot of us seek confirmation in any way we can. Social media is one option. I get the idea of wanting to share your day with friends and family (read followers) by posting a food pic for example. However, I do not stand by the idea of trying to justify your choice of food by “making it look good”.

Take away all the filters and see what’s left. We need to stop labelling people based on what’s on their plates, in their closets and numbers on the scale. I love the way people all around the world can share their life through photos. But I want to draw attention to the backside of it: the pressure to fit in.

From a health perspective I’d recommend you to make your own fries, burgers, pizzas, tacos etc. But ordering in once in a while won’t hurt you. Just as posting a photo of your hangover pizza with extra everything and a side of Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t make you a bad person.

When it comes to food and eating right, let’s just make a deal with ourselves: instead of aspiring perfection, treat every situation as unique and act by that.

I’m going to leave you with some food for thought…

Whenever you order in ask yourself: what do I crave the most? Ordering several semi-tempting things will only leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Who says you can’t have best of both worlds? Are you craving nuggets but trying to stay healthy? Get the nuggets and exchange the fries to carrots, cucumbers or apple bites?
Remember: food is not supposed to be pretty. If that were the case we’d eat with our eyes not our mouths.

Health freaks, pizza lovers, whatever you like (to eat) make peace with any food you’re having. Stop making it all about what’s on the plate. Because really, why does it matter? It will all be gone after a while anyways…

Article by Hanna Hettman