When I was 10 (okay okay I was 14), I had quotes written in permanent marker all over my wardrobe. I was obsessed with a good quote. Until one day I woke up, looked at my wardrobe and realised they were all so clichéd. I didn’t really believe any of them,so I painted over the wardrobe. I decided a quote was only worthy of being in my room if I thought it was actually valuable and non-vomit inducing (which is harder than you think). So, at the moment, I have 7 quotes all dotted about my room, some framed, some torn out of magazines and some even on little flags:

‘Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go’


This one’s on a bookmark my mum got me just before exam season. I kept beating myself up when I wouldn’t do completely perfectly, and would never be proud of how well I had actually done. We’re all victim to this; we’re our worst critics (a good quote cliché for you there). You are allowed to be proud of your accomplishments whilst still working hard, knowing that the best is yet to come.

‘Confidence is not about believing you’ll win. It’s about being comfortable with the fact you might lose.’

quote 2.jpg

This quote was actually in the ‘Wit & Wisdom’ section of The Week magazine once; I tore it out and stuck it on my wall. It’s probably my favourite of the seven. Confidence often gets mixed up with arrogance and no one knows where to draw the line, making it hard for someone to actually feel confident. It’s about having faith in your abilities, but also about facing your fears, not know what the outcome will be. It’s always better to try rather than just do nothing (I promise I am trying to not sound so clichéd).

‘There is always always something to be thankful for.’

quote 3.jpg

We’re all going to have shit days. That’s life. As Monica from Friends says ‘Welcome to the real world! It sucks! You’re gonna love it!’ It’s just important not to give in to all the bad things going on, and try to focus on the good things, or at least keep afloat. For a while, I really struggled with this, so I wrote down one good thing that happened each day in my diary, and it helped train my brain into seeing the positives.

‘I can & I will. Watch me.’

quote 4

I’m a proud university drop out. Studying a degree wasn’t for me, and I decided to leave to pursue a journalism career instead – best decision I’ve ever made. However, I’ve certainly been pre-judged when people learn that I left uni, so I bought this quote when I saw in on a postcard; it’s my way of giving a middle finger to all the nay-sayers. I’m sure you can probably think of one or two people who have doubted you that you’d like to stick up your middle finger to – I mean, show this card to (obvs).

‘She believed she could so she did.’

quote 5

You’re taught self-belief as a child and then once you reach adolescent, all of that belief gets replaced with self-doubt and worry that never really goes. Well, go get that belief back. Sure, maybe you won’t get every single thing you ever wanted, but if you don’t go after it, or have the belief you need to seize opportunities, then nothing’s ever going to happen.

‘You Are Amazing’

quote 6

This one just gets straight to the point. Particularly with social media, it’s easy to compare ourselves to others. I want her legs, her boobs, her intelligence. Hell, can I just be Karlie Kloss already? Yet you see, you’re actually amazing as well. You don’t need to compete to prove you’re better than someone, or compare yourself to them and feel worse, you can be amazing and she can be amazing.

‘Don’t Quit Your Day Dream’

quote 7

This is a much more positive spin on the saying ‘don’t quit your day job’. Now I’m not saying we should all give up our steady incomes and all audition for X factor, but don’t pack your dream in either. If you combine the two quotes above this – you’re amazing, so believe in yourself – who says you can’t reach your dream?

Article by Jennifer Richards