Overlooking big shot cities like New York, Paris and London etc. it looks like the world’s got a new dream destination. 

Turquoise water, picturesque villages, miles of sandy beaches, turtles and dolphins, gyros, olives and feta cheese… are you getting close?

 Obviously I’m talking about BEAUTIFUL GREECE!

 Here in Sweden it’s pretty common to go to Greece to party. You gather a bunch of your closest friends and set off to Rhodes, Ios or Kos. You won’t feel rested when you get back but you’ll have a nice tan, some great memorize and perhaps a little permanent ink on your lower back…

 If your goal is to get maximum hours at the beach, in the sun working up a really good tan, I propose you head to calmer areas. Skiathos and Kefalonia are my personal favorites. There are countless of beaches to chose between, amazing food, boat tours (to smaller islands), beautiful little towns within walking distance and friendly people everywhere! I could go on and on about how much I LOVE Greece but I’m not going to.

 Try Gyros!  

Photo: Kenza, @kenzas
 If you go to Greece you HAVE TO try Gyros. Seriously, this is the yummiest fast food you’ll get hold of! Imagine pita bread filled with tomatoes, cucumber, tzatziki sauce, grilled chicken and fries. My mouth just watered, like for real…

Travel to Santorini  

 Photo: Pixabay

Imagine getting married on this beautiful island (Santorini). Nothing says Greece more than these picturesque blue, – and white houses.  Check out The Best of.. Santorini

Travel to Argostoli 

Photo: Tove Waldemar, @tovewaldemar

Argostoli, Kefalonia. I am one to admit that paradise islands (such as Kefalonia) are a bit behind in the shopping department. After all, you don’t go to Greece to for its beautiful malls… However, the town of Argostoli won’t let you down. It has a luxurious yet comfy-cozy atmosphere and offers souvenirs in all forms!

 Here comes a little tip on what to wear when you really don’t want to wear anything. Traveling to extreme heat and gazing sun 24/7 one ought to consider what to wear to avoid unnecessary sweating and sun eczema (yeah that’s a real thing!). The key to stay calm and collected is spelled thin materials. 

Instead of a skin tight mini dress go for an airy maxi dress. Exchange those denim shorts (that most likely will start a fire between your thighs…) to a loose variant. Dressing comfortable does not equal dressing unfashionable!

 MANGO surely knew what I was looking for to make my summer wardrobe complete.

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By Malina

You must have a stylish yet roomy beach bag. This canvas bag from By Malina is simply top notch! Want it? Click here!


 I prefer bikinis at the beach but since a bloated, sun burned belly is a given (IBS and sensitive skin, jealous much…?) a swimsuit is preferable (and stylish!). Pick a pair of shades that emphasizes your style while covering those longing eyes of yours staring at the hottie with a body..

Don’t forget your sunscreen! Bon voyage!

Article by Hanna Hettman