Okay, first things first. How is it already August?! It’s basically already time to start putting up the Christmas lights. However, the start of a new month does always bring some joy. No, not the possibility of turning over a new leaf, but new things added on Netflix (obvs).

Rather than panic about all the things you really should have done by now, and wondering what on earth your New Year’s resolution actually was, just settle down with a cup of tea and put on Netflix. Surely procrastinating is allowed when such good things are on? Right?

Step Up 5: All In

Yes, there really are five step up films. And yes, after the first one, and maybe even the second one if you’re feeling generous, they did start to go downhill. But, I’ve grown up with the Step Up films and feel like I can’t give up now. In this one, however, you’ll see some familiar faces, with the leads Sean and Andie both having already appeared in earlier films in the franchise.Oh, and of course there’s Moose. There’s always Moose. I would try to explain the plot, but if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. The main point here is the dancing, which is always AMAZING. It’s worth watching it just to see the routines, and then feel severely inadequate for the rest of the day…



Indie film alert

But also a really good film alert. Ellen Page plays the lead (called Tallulah funnily enough) who abducts a baby. She sees herself as saving the child from the alcoholic mother she’s babysitting for. Yet she soon finds herself with no clue about what to do, deciding to show up at her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s house saying the baby is her grandchild. It’s hard to describe an indie film without using the word ‘touching’ so I’m just going to have to give into the cliché, as that’s exactly what it was.

The Fault In Our Stars

I should probably preface this by saying you will cry when you watch this film. Even if you like to pretend you’re too cool to like this film, you will still cry, you’ll just lie about it afterwards. Two teens meet at a cancer support group and a love story soon begins. It’s not the film to watch if you’re looking for a cheery rom-com, but it’s about adventure and love even in the darkest of times.

Stranger Things

This is the series that everyone has been talking about. I really do mean everyone. If you’re not watching it yet, I’m actually impressed. In a bitesize, it’s best summed up as a ‘80s supernatural thriller’. It sees a group of children search for their lost friend, with a bit of sci-fi thrown in as a telekinetic girl helps join the search. There’s also mysterious working of a government plot as well as more supernatural forces. It’s a great homage to the 80s as well, with an amazing soundtrack. If you don’t have time to watch the series, just listen to the soundtrack.

The Eichmann Show

This is based on a true story and is one for those history buffs out there, though I’m sure it will also be of interest to everyone. It’s about the broadcast of Adolf Eichmann’s trial in 1961, who was one of the most prominent Nazis in the Second World War. However, it’s not just about the trial but focuses even more so on the men behind the taping of it. These men are TV producer Milton Fruchtman and director Leo Hurwitz, who was actually blacklisted. It’s a more unusual way to explore such an important part of our history, and if you’re still not sure whether to see it, it stars Martin Freedman, and can you really not watch something that has Dr Watson in.

Article by Jennifer Richards