Social media is everywhere; on every platform, on every street and on every screen. It’s pretty difficult not to be part of this social phenomenon. It’s even harder not to get affected by it.

Social media paved the way for simpler communication on a worldwide level. Its benefits are multiple but its consequences can be brutal. How do you play it safe when there are so many traps to fall into? How do we maintain a healthy relationship with social media?

In my experience, there’s one golden rule: leave what triggers you alone.

There are a lot of hidden treasures on social media, especially on Instagram. The problem is to find them. They are fewer than the rest but the search is worth it, trust me.

I thought I would list my top 3 inspirational Instagram accounts for your mind and body. They have (and still do) helped me through rough days and turned my frown upside down. Go check them out!


This girl, Gina, is my role model. She is an inspiration with a big I. Gina shares her story by posting beautiful photos of herself, inspirational quotes and by being her most natural self. She is a #bopowarrior (body positive warrior), an eating disorder survivor but most of all she’s a courageous, gorgeous social media role model.


Sophia Anderberg is a Swedish lifestyle coach, body activist and self love-advocate. I wish there were more people like her on social media. The #wellnessforme girls who show us beauty isn’t measured by some numbers on the scale. Her work is invaluable. Besides posting pictures of her crazy beautiful body her captions are the cream on top. As you scroll down the rest of your feed her words will stay with you throughout the rest of the day. @fiaanderberg thank you for making social media a better and safer place!



It’s hard not to love an Instagram account with the following description: “Brand dedicated to creating a healthy image in the media for girls and women! Join the movement.” (@healthyisthenewskinny). They stand for the goodness of social media. They’ve built up a platform dedicated to encourage women to love their bodies no matter size. As well as being incredibly inspirational they’ve somehow managed to take the edge of the whole numbers on the scale-thingy. They put things in perspective to one other to open up our eyes to what really matters.

Social media is a great place to find inspiration, make friends and even seek help. Find your own hidden treasure and come for it in need. Instead of aspiring to change yourself look for people who make you feel great about every inch of your body. The 3 Instagram accounts I mentioned are my social media guardian angels. Who’s yours?

Article by Hanna Hettman