They laugh at us, the useless millennials,

Watch them, the idiots, they’re millenn-fools,

Unable to leave mummy and daddy,

Drinking obnoxiously, being laddy,


The Peter Pan Generation, never growing up,

Acting like idiots, not giving a fuck.


But look at us,

We’re like Peter Pan because we’re lost,

We can’t grow up as we can’t afford the cost,

Feeling the brunt of a banking crash,

You caused when we were kids playing M.A.S.H,


Yet now we’re the ones facing a future with no jobs,

Trying to pave a way for ourselves, against the odds,

Paying fees for a degree that leaves us in debt,

Never owning flats, only affording to let,


So scrap that. We have grown up. Grown up fast,

We realised young that we had to get up off our arse,

And fight for what we wanted, fight for us,

Campaigning for equality, doing what we must,


We’re choosing healthy eating and getting active,

Being ourselves, and knowing that’s what’s attractive,

To Generation Y, I salute you,

Here’s to all you’ve been through.


Article by Jennifer Richards